Hoping to find some resources (New Richmond)

Hi everyone, I am relatively new to the area and my family is struggling right now. I don’t even wanna make this post asking for help me shame as a mother and I feel like I’m failing my kids. Life has been difficult difficult for my family ever since our twins came at 29 weeks. This meant me leaving work substantially earlier than planned on our landlord also was giving us the runaround about a place that we had put a security deposit down in advance and he was pushing out the date for us to move( it took almost 8 months from the date we were originally given). I’m sure you can imagine having twins means it’s difficult to find daycare that’s affordable and also that will take both of them. I have managed to stay somehow for the past two years by miracles. I am afraid our luck has run out and I’m scared. My husband was recently rear-ended by a drunk driver with no insurance and totaled our only car. This meant my husband needed to get a new job closer to home so he could walk or take a taxi if need be. I also got a new job, but it was without employment for substantial period of time due to the fact that it was hard to find something around the schedule that he has so we didn’t have to find daycare. Not behind on our rent and our electricity. Our electricity is due to be shut off tomorrow. we are both working and they sure we don’t spend our money on frivolous things. We just can’t seem to get caught up. I’m wondering if anybody knows any help in the community through like churches or something other than operation help as we have utilized them. We have also reached out to Salvation Army and westcap with no help. Unfortunately, we were told we make too much for everything including food stamps. It also should be noted that my husband is a veteran. I don’t know if there’s any services for veterans in this area. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. I would also be interested in doing any kind of house or yard work. and also very crafty in terms of using a cricket machine which I have I also I’m good with resin and just general crafting if there’s any need for that or if anybody needs help learning how to do anything. I don’t expect anybody to give me anything for free. I’m willing to work or pay it forward in some way. Thank you in advance

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