JFK (John F. Kennedy) Assassination Collection (Oakdale)

JFK Assassination Collection and Memorabilia

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Over 100
Hard Cover and Large Soft Cover Books

Oswald in New Orleans (Reprint)
Forgive My Grief Volume 1 (2 copies)
Forgive My Grief Volume 2
Forgive My Grief Volume 3
Forgive My Grief Volume 4
Six Seconds in Dallas
The JFK Assassination file
Plot or Politics?
Red Friday
The Death of a President (2 copies)
The Killing of a President
Best Evidence (2 copies)
High Treason II
The Plot To Kill The President
Conspiracy of One
Final Disclosure
Pictures of the Pain
Deep Politics and the Death of JFK
Reasonable Doubt
The Day Kennedy was Shot (2 copies)
Coup De Tat in America
Act of Treason
Nightmare in Dallas
Mortal Error
Square Peg for a Round Hole
JFK-Breaking the Silence
First Hand Knowledge
Crime of the Century
Treachery in Dallas
The Secret Team
The Oswald File (2 copies)
Marina and Lee
Passport to Assassination
The Search for Lee Harvey Oswald
Dallas Justice
Oswald-Assassin or Fall Guy?
The People vs. Lee Harvey Oswald
Oswald and the CIA
The Torch is Passed
Who was Jack Ruby
Moment of Madness
Lee-A Portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald
Spy Saga
Portrait of an Assassin
A Mother in History
The Day Kennedy Died
Oswald Talked
And We are All Mortal
The Warren Report (2 copies)
The Truth about the Assassination
The Man on the Sixth Floor
The Plot to Kill Kennedy and Castro
JFK-The Mystery Unraveled
The Last Investigation
The Assassination Tapes
JFK-The Dead Witness
JFK-Secrets from the Sixth Floor
Kill Zone
Searching the Shadows
Destiny Betrayed
The Kennedy Conspiracy
JFK-The Screen Play
American Grotesque
Never Again
Case Open
Farewell America
Rush to Judgment (2 copies)
A Citizen's Dissent
Plausible Denial
Four Days
Life in Camelot
The Dallas Police Radio Tapes
The Umbrella Man
John Armstrong's Research Volume 3
Who Killed Kennedy?
The Complete Kennedy Saga
A Thousand Days
Kennedy Without Tears
Promises To Keep
Who's Who in the JFK Assassination
Mirror of Doubt
What Really Happened?
The Assassination of JFK
Crime and Cover-up
The Dallas Conspiracy
The Man Who Knew Too Much
In History's Shadow
The Assassination of John F. Kennedy-The Reasons Why
Lee Harvey Oswald-Pre Assassination File

Paperback Books

Six Seconds in Dallas
The Second Oswald
The Oswald File
Portrait of an Assassin
Rush to Judgment
They've Killed the President
The Ruby Cover-up
JFK-Conspiracy of Silence
High Treason
A Texan Looks at Lyndon
The Texas Connection
The Yankee Cowboy War
LBJ and the JFK Conspiracy
JFK: The case for Conspiracy
Who Killed JFK?
Contract on America
Mafia Kingfish
Double Cross
The Death of a President
Best Evidence
Fatal Hour
The Other Assassin
Conspiracy-Who Killed JFK?
The Torch is Passed
The Star Spangled Contract
A Heritage of Stone
The JFK Assassination
Cause of Death
Conspiracy, Cover-ups and Crimes
The CIA-Mafia Link
The Man Who Kept the Secrets
JFK-A Complete BIO
The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover
Man of the House
Executive Action
The Humor of JFK
The Tears of Autumn
Winter Kills
The RFK Assassination
Thirteen Days
R.F.K. Must Die
The Assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy
The Unanswered Questions about President Kennedy's Assassination
On the Trail of the Assassins (Paperback and Audio Book)
Assassination of JFK-By Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Video Tapes

The JFK Conspiracy
The Assassination Films
Two Men in Dallas
Best Evidence
The Plot to Kill JFK
Reasonable Doubt
Declassified-The Plot to Kill JFK
Four Days in November
JFK-The Case for Conspiracy
The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald
Executive Action
JFK-The End of Camelot
The Assassination of JFK
The Plot to Kill JFK-Rush to Judgment Oswald-Self Portrait
Fake-The Forged Photo that Framed Oswald
The Many Faces of Lee Harvey Oswald
The Men Who Killed Kennedy (From TV)
The Murder of JFK-Confessions of an Assassin
The Kennedy Assassination-Coincidence or Conspiracy?
JFK-the Assassination; the Cover-up and Beyond
Decades of Doubt-A 15 tape seminar from Duluth, Minnesota
The JFK Assassination as reported by NBC-6 Hours
Eyewitness Interviews by Mark Oakes- Two Tapes
Various Specials Recorded from the Television

Over 40 Different Audio Taped Interviews
Including Interviews With

Jack Anderson, Harold Weisburg, Fletcher Prouty, Gaeton Fonzi, David Lifton, Jim Marrs, Anthony Summers, Oliver Stone and various assassination research panels.

Newspaper Front Pages From

Galveston Tribune
News Texan
Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota
Rochester, Minnesota
The Sioux City Journal
Des Moines Register
The Daily Oklahoman
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Milwaukee Sentinel
Ottumwa Courier
The Financial Times
New York Daily News (Replica)
New York Herald (Replica)
Pittsburgh Gazette (Replica)

Poster Displays

Blow-ups of the Moorman photo
Pictorial of Lee Harvey Oswald-All known photos
Miscellaneous JFK posters

Miscellaneous Memorabilia

Photo album with close to 200 photos from the assassination (some from TV)
A set of 8 x10 autopsy photos
Memorial news magazines-(Dallas Morning News, L.A. Free Press and Milwaukee Journal and others)
Life, Look, Saturday Evening Post, Newsweek and other magazines
Various pamphlets and assassination periodicals

Various transcripts from television interviews
Miscellaneous JFK busts, banks.
Newspaper clippings
Record albums
Pictures and photos of JFK
Coup de tat cards
Playing card size photos

Framed Photo with sound of JFK Inauguration
Framed photo of JFK throwing out first pitch in 1963 at opening day in Washington
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