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WHO: I am a volunteer area representative for Wheels For The World, a ministry under www. JoniAndFriends. org. We collect discarded wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and crutches, rebuild, distribute and fit them to people in need in many countries. In the last 20 years, Wheels has distributed over 190,000 chairs around the world.

WHAT: Joni Erickson Tada became a quadriplegic in a diving accident as a teenager in 1967. In 1979, she formed Joni and Friends, to encourage and advocate for the disabled, conduct camps for families with special needs, and provide medical needs. Wheels For The World was started in 1994, under JAF.
People with disabilities in many countries are essentially home bound without the medical, social or transportation infrastructures to accommodate them. What seems like an 'obsolete' product in our culture can open an entire world of opportunity to a person elsewhere.
Wheels For The World collects chairs and other aids at regional locations. They are shipped (sometimes free by trucking companies, sometimes paid by WFW) to 17 prison locations in the US. Incarcerated individuals who want to be part of the program are trained in vocational skills (mechanical, welding, upholstery, etc) and rebuild the items. Teams of medical, physical therapy and other volunteers determine local needs, ship the matching products, travel on site, fit the equipment to the individuals, and train them in use, maintenance and repairs.

WHY: I joined after I retired because I am very impressed with the goals, organization and efficiency, and people. A lot is accomplished with very little wasted overhead cost.
There are 'wins' on many fronts: products are kept out of landfills, incarcerated individuals get vocational skills and small group life training, volunteers at all levels have a great mission, and people in need get life changing equipment that seems pretty minor to us. The Christian Gospel is the foundation for everything, is clearly presented and part of all of the ministry, but there are no faith requirements for anyone receiving products or services.

HOW: Here is what we are looking for:
-Manual wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and crutches in any shape or condition, or parts. Anything can be repaired or used for parts.

-I will meet and pickup any items you have, or connect you to a closer volunteer.
-I would appreciate any contacts you might have to assisted living centers, friends, family, etc.
-We would love you to join us, for any amount of time you would give, for any skills you have.
-Please save my contact info, or just remember to search on 'Wheels For The World'.

Thank you for your time.
Mound MN 55364

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