Part-Time Day Traders Needed. Train To Trade Our Money. ~$200+/Day (Online, Home, Or Anywhere)

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employment type: part-time
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INTRODUCTION - We have a large trade fund and we need part-time home-based day traders. We will teach you how. Just day trade minutes to 1 or 2 hours a day from your home or office, any day* of the week, and any hours of the day* 24 / 6 for as much as you want or that you can fit into your current schedule. Using our ~90% trade winning indicators, train to trade up to $100,000 of our money, and keep up to 80% of your profits to earn big extra cash in weeks and a big lifestyle income in months. So you benefit big and our account grows as well. The other good news is there are no quotas or reporting. Again, just day trade as much or as little as you want.

With today's technology and our 20+ year proven ~90% trade winning proprietary tools and techniques, there is no need for us to have a full-time staff of day traders coming to the office putting in a full day's work, getting fatigued, and making trade errors. Our day trading system is simple and profitable. We get a better trade result by just training people across the country to trade part-time a few minutes to 1 or 2 hours a day from home when they can fit it in. Our part-time day traders are more rested, comfortable, and relaxed which results in placing better trades and growing their portion of the account more consistently, faster, and larger. We also like that anyone can earn big extra cash or a big lifestyle income at the same time.

Given these ideal conditions, many of our day traders see this as running their own perfect home-based business or personal side-hustle. Also, there is no marketing and finding people, no selling and talking to people, no products, no shipping, etc. Just day trade from the privacy of your home or office. In time, many of our day traders use these same skills to also begin trading their big earnings and keep 100% of those profits as well. That is two sources of big money for our part-time day traders.

TRY OUR DEMO TRIAL - Try it with our 30 day online Trade Demo Trial and see how it works with you and fits with your schedule. Our Trade Demo Trial coaches will help you all the way through. There is a small $10 fee to access live market data along with our actual software and proprietary signals. In a few days almost everyone sees how they could readily make big extra cash, a lifestyle income, or even retire early or more securely while still earning by trading just minutes to 1 or 2 hours a day. See the website for details.

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JUST DAY TRADING - We are only looking to you to day trade our money at your home using your computer. There is no marketing, finding and talking to people, no selling, no quotas, no products to buy or ship, etc. The role is simply to day trade up to $100,000 of our money at your computer using our proven system and indicators for a few minutes to 1 or 2 hours a day, any hours of the day, on most days when the market is open 24 / 6 and keep up to 80% of your profits. If you want, you can also trade your money or your newly earned profits at the same time and keep 100% of the profits you earn.

NOT A JOB, A HOME-BASED INCOME - We are not hiring you as an employee, that is what we are getting away from and associated employee costs, etc. You will be an independent contractor. We will be essentially establishing you in your own home-based trade business using our trade system, indicators, and money. Being an independent contractor or business is what gives you the flexibility to control your time and trade schedule. This is not immediate money, but can be money that grows from tens of dollars extra cash a day to tens of thousands of dollars of lifestyle income and wealth a month over the course of months. This is not “get rich quick”, but it can be get rich and be your final financial and time solution. You will be responsible for your own business expenses (computer, internet connection, training, system fees, etc.).

DEMO TRIAL, THEN TRAINING - Everyone starts with the Trade Demo Trial so you and we can see that this works for you. We will work 1-to-1 with you in the Trade Demo Trial so you can see that our day trading system is simple and profitable. Essentially anyone can do this. We train 16-year old to 80-year old men and women from any background. No previous day trading skill is required as our system is designed to be all encompassing training and certification for the beginner to the expert. As just stated, after the Trade Demo Trail you will naturally need training to go from awareness to a skilled day trader to trade our money and then eventually even trade your own money. You can earn trade profits about halfway through training, but you will not be earning money during the Trade Demo Trial.

TRAINING TUITION - Training is conducted online remote through screen sharing. The first half is 1-to-1 personal training at days and times that work for you. The second half is an online small group webinar style training later at night twice a week. As with any college, certification, and skills training there is a tuition which is the responsibility of the student. The Company guarantees you a trade account and it will do everything it can to get you profitable as rapidly as possible to quickly pay back your tuition and start making the big extra cash and lifestyle income our day traders desire and enjoy. See the comments below on these Company activities.

TIMING - The Trade Demo Trail is for 30 days, but most people only use 7 to 10 days before getting started. Initial training is 9 weeks, 1 hour twice a week at a time that works for your schedule. Remember this is online, remote, screen sharing training. After this initial training you are guaranteed a Company funded account from which you can start to earn a day trade income. Your first account will naturally be more of a training account. You can request more money each three months you have a positive account of any amount. At that time, we usually double or triple your account size. At about 18 months you should be a maximum account size. Your first available earnings will be at about the 3 months point. Keep your current job. From that 3 months you can initially earn dozens of dollars, then handfuls of hundreds, then a few to several thousands, then tens of thousands, etc. Most people pay off their tuition in about 9, 10, or 11 months. Then if a person wants, they can be thinking about cutting back on employment hours or turning to full-time day trading at about 12 to 18 months and continuing to grow their profits from there.

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WE TRAIN YOU - Once you see our day trading system will work for you in the Demo Tiral, then of course you will need and want full training on our system before you day trade with real Company money in the real market. We will train you 1-to-1 personally from home by screen sharing online when it works with your schedule by Company certified expert and professional active day-trading coaches. As you would expect, like with any professional training, you need to cover your own coaching costs, so there is a tuition for certification. Register on the website for details. Early in your coaching you will be provided with a real money training account to begin trading and earning money while still training.

WE FUND YOU – Day trading our proven system, every three months you have positive account growth, which we will help you do that, simply request more real money to be deposited into your account. We often double or triple your account with each request up to $100,000. Just keep trading and you can make big extra cash in weeks and a big lifestyle income in months all from home. Many of our day traders retire early or retire more securely as they no longer have to save a lifetime to retire, as they simply keep day trading minutes to 1 or 2 hours a day and continue to grow their savings and wealth at the same time.

WE SHOW YOU - We have 2 daily online trade webinars to show and train how to find and place real market trades. Many of our day traders see the same trade potential and choose to take these same trades. We win ~90% of these trades. These are “give me” trades and money.show 2 trades a day in the real market for training.

WE SIGNAL YOU - You will be using our 20+ year proven trade secret and proprietary trade signals that have our day traders commonly winning near, at, or above 90% of their trades. This is so common, that we fully expect you to be doing so as well. When you have this type of trade winning record, just image the financial results our day traders are experiencing. These are highly accurate, yet simple buy and sell signals, and the Demo Trial will allow you to experience this for yourself.

WE SUPPORT YOU - We provide 1-to-1 personal support at all times. Call us, text us, email, and join in our chat community with coach and other member responses and support. Participate in our daily online trade webinars and our weekly training webinars. Attend or listen to recordings of our monthly on-going deep training with our top coaches. Whatever support you need to reach your trade results, we can help you with that.

Click Here For - www.TradeCompanyMoney.com/CL

WHY THIS WORKS - Here is a little perspective. The Foreign Currency Exchange or Forex market is where big companies, big universities, big hedge funds, central banks of countries, etc. of the world park their money when they do not have another place to put it for a short or long period of time. Each day the Forex market trades a massive ~$5,500,000,000,000 (~$5.5 trillion) dollars. We are suggesting do not let this potential continue to pass you by another day. We will provide you tools and techniques that consistently deliver ~90% trade winning results so you can readily access essentially the world’s “piggy bank” any time you want, as often as you want, for as much or little as you want for a lifetime.

If you want to make big money, you have to go where big money accumulates. A second job, hobby income, friends and family based gigs, etc. will not produce the big money you need and desire. There is no greater daily money accumulation than the Forex market. As such, day trading is ultimately:
(1) The simplest big money – Just the click of a mouse.
(2) The most direct big money – It is already in the form of money, with no need to make or sell anything to make money, get a new degree, etc.
(3) The least expensive big money – There is a little tuition, but this is dramatically less than the tens of thousands for property, construction, facilities, equipment, vehicles, raw materials, products, storage, shipping, hiring and training employees, etc. of other big money alternatives.
(4) The fastest big money – Earn big extra cash in weeks, a big lifestyle income in months, and wealth; and even retire early or more securely without having to save for a lifetime by simply continuing to day trade our system while retired for a few minutes to 1 or 2 hours a day.
(5) The most flexible big money – Trade from home just minutes to 1 or 2 hours a day, any day*, and any hours, skip a day or two if needed, and also no bosses and work schedules, no demanding clients or deadlines, no late hours, etc.

MAKE MONEY BUYING AND SELLING - In the Forex market you can make money buying and selling the market. So you do not have to worry if the market goes or down based on news, the economy, weather, etc. Your income is more secure and consistent under any circumstances, as you can make money in any market conditions. In our experience that makes day trading simpler, more profitable, and more fun. Who would not have fun just buying or selling the market to make money while at home on their computer for just a few minutes to 1 or 2 hours a day?

For all of this, you simply need our proven and profitable techniques, tools, and Company trade account to unlock the world’s “piggy bank” for your benefit.

TRY OUR 30-DAY DEMO TRIAL - Simply try our 30-day Trade Demo Trail and experience for yourself that our system work for you to unlock access to the world’s liquid daily flow of money for your own endless and limitless benefit. There is a $10 Demo Trial fee, as it is our full day trading system, software, and real market data; as well as with personalized Demo Trial coaching to get you practice trading the real market at home by yourself in a couple of days and winning nearly all of your trades.

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EARNING POTENTIAL - Many ask what they can earn. We encourage our day traders to target about 1% to 2% account growth per day. New students can often achieve 2%, 3%, 4%, and 5% a day. Of course, we will start you with a smaller training account and work you up into a larger executive account. If you are trading one of our early $10,000 accounts, your gross profits can be ~$100 to ~$200 per day. Yes, that is day trading just minutes to 1 or 2 hours a day. Each three months you can request more trade funding. So for example, let's say after several months you are trading a $50,000 Company funded account, then you can be earning ~$500 - ~$1,000 a day still day trading just minutes to 1 or 2 hours a day. You simply do the same thing, but as your account grows you can make more and more. It continues to go from there. If this all sounds too fantastic, just sit back and do the math around 1% per day for an account size of your choosing. The markets loves money and so the larger we can get your trade account the more money the market will return to you. The market simply follows the math and that is why we seek to quickly get you into a $100,000 Company funded trade account.

TAKE THE NEXT STEPS - If this looks interesting to you, then there are three next steps:
(1) Go to our website for more information.
(2) Then, try our Trade Demo Trial and experience the winning proof of our proven day trading system.
(3) Ultimately, if it works for you, then get started with us in training and trading.

We have Company funded accounts waiting for part-time day traders. We look forward to your inquiry so we can answer your questions and even get you started in our Trade Demo Trial so we can both see our system working for you.

If you are looking for extra cash, a lifestyle income, make up for lost financial gain, want an active and productive hobby, etc. then check out the website and Trade Demo Trial.

Remember, you are in control, but life requires action.
Regards, Ralph

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* The Forex market is open all hours from Sunday 5 pm Eastern to Friday 5 pm Eastern. Practice trade on the weekend to improve you real market trading.
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