Older M/F Housemate wanted to join in house rental search (Minneapolis Southside Area)


I’m looking for a housemate who’d be interested in sharing a yet-to-be found 3-bedroom rental home. I’d like to find a place with a large basement and a 2+ car garage. My search area is far South Minneapolis and the nearby inner-ring suburbs; it’s the part of town I know best. The cost of rent and utilities would be split 50/50. Household cleaning responsibilities and any yard care duties would also be equally shared. I'd like to keep my budget for half the monthly total around $850. Move date would be mutually agreed upon after a suitable house is leased.

About me: I’m a recently retired graying (and balding) straight male who had worked days as a blue-collar professional. Thoughtful and considerate with a high level of integrity. I have no criminal record, a good rental history with no evictions ever, and exceptional credit. Quietly friendly and outdoorsy. Something of an adventurer as well as a lifelong learner. Born in Minneapolis, I've also lived in Alaska and Minnesota's Arrowhead region for a few years. I’m more of a daytime person, although I sometimes stay up late to finish things that shouldn't wait.

Right now I’m staying a fairly short distance out of town at a relative's place and paying fairly cheap rent. Prior to starting my current living arrangement, I had been trying to get into a smaller 2-bedroom house that met my needs. Didn’t see one in the South Metro I considered affordable on a middle-income salary. Most of the houses I checked on were listed for rent and for sale at the same time--not a stable circumstance for a tenant who wants to stay put for a while. Lately, I’ve seen that’s often still the case.

Wish I could say I’m traveling light, but I’m not. Although I donated most of my furniture just before I moved out of town, I still own 2 licensed, insured, and driveable vehicles which I’d like to park in a garage. Plus, I have the amount of stuff an adult would be expected to accumulate over time, including hobby projects that were put on hold until I retired. These belongings will be coming with me, and I’ll need indoor storage space. Best to make that known so it isn’t a surprise when moving time comes.

Ideally, my new housemate would be another recent retiree. However, I’d also be open to joining forces with someone still working who's interested in the same kind of living arrangement. COVID vaccinations would be a must.

Please reply by email to share your thoughts if this plan appeals to you. If you have any questions for me, I’ll do my best to answer them.


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