Help Needed ASAP (Minneapolis)

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking a minute to read this though, it means a lot. My name is Kaden, I’m 18 years old (19 in September!) and I’m on here asking for some assistance to find housing and employment ASAP! :)

My current situation: I am unemployed and without a vehicle in a very small town on the border of Wisconsin (near twin cities). I live with a family member however it is not a good fit for either of us. We are not getting along well, and I am having a hard time finding employment here. <-that makes housing hard as well.

What I’m looking for / my goals:
-studio (maybe maybe maybe a 1br) apartment
-work clothes (I have dropped a lot of extra weight lately and my clothes do not fit.
-employment (see below for my employable traits.)
- a vehicle (using the money I save with the job)
- General help navigating MSP. I am not used to their bus lines.

My employment abilities/ employable traits:
-HS Diploma
-Paraeducator/paraprofessional certification
-CPR certification
-first aid certification
-ServSafe food handlers certification

I have 2-3 years of work experience in childcare/SpEd teaching.
I have almost 8 years of experience working with computers and other technology (small business)
I have 2-3 years experience in yard work and lawn care manual labor. (Side jobs)

The problem: (yes I am cross posting this in hope it will find the right person)
I have approx $50 to my name. No vehicle, and no housing.

Help I need: I need help with a few things, the main two being the following…
-clothing for interviews (I’m not picky, but prefer black)
- the big one is housing (even temporary). I am not picky as far as where it is (temporarily) spare room? Fine! LiveINN? Fine! What I would really like: to work for a property management company, or somewhere I could live/work on grounds for a discount.

As far as temporary housing, I can’t pay anything right this instant. I will absolutely be willing to pay rent (and reimburse for the time I couldn’t) come my first paycheck.

I really hope someone finds this who could help me. It would be a godsend. Thanks so much for reading, and DO NOT HESITATE to reach out with questions. Thank you so much.


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