$750 / 4br - $750 / 4br - Room For Rent Available July 1st!! (South Minneapolis)

$750 / 4br - Room For Rent Available July 1st!! 1 thumbnail$750 / 4br - Room For Rent Available July 1st!! 2 thumbnail$750 / 4br - Room For Rent Available July 1st!! 3 thumbnail$750 / 4br - Room For Rent Available July 1st!! 4 thumbnail$750 / 4br - Room For Rent Available July 1st!! 5 thumbnail$750 / 4br - Room For Rent Available July 1st!! 6 thumbnail$750 / 4br - Room For Rent Available July 1st!! 7 thumbnail$750 / 4br - Room For Rent Available July 1st!! 8 thumbnail$750 / 4br - Room For Rent Available July 1st!! 9 thumbnail$750 / 4br - Room For Rent Available July 1st!! 10 thumbnail$750 / 4br - Room For Rent Available July 1st!! 11 thumbnail
1 Room For Rent. (South Minneapolis)

$750 rent, + $100 towards utilities = Flat $850/mo



I Am:

1 male (40’s), and 1 cat (long-haired, but clean, and well behaved) leasing a 4 bedroom house. I am actively pursuing my career in audio production, among other things, and I mostly work from home. I regard my environment and the positive energy within it highly. I am health conscious (gym, yoga, tai chi, biking, eat mostly whole foods, prepare food from scratch, drink tea, into natural healing, etc...) and would prefer to live with others on the same relative path. That said, I indulge in modern escapes (movies, video games, grilling, backyard fires, hosting the occasional dinner/event, etc...) and am not opposed to having people over, but this is not a party house. Most of the time I keep to myself, and engage in a low-key routine. I do my best to conserve on expenses whenever possible to keep the bills low (plastic the windows, shut off lights not in use, etc...). I recycle, sweep, dust, shovel, etc... and take comfort in the idea of “home”. All of the bills are in my name, and all of the house furnishings are owned by me. I value my privacy, and respect that of others.

The House:

4 bedroom, 2 bath. Washer, dryer and large wash sink in laundry room, central air, hardwood floors, dishwasher, garbage disposal, yard...There is a 2 car garage that I have set up as a chill space, and a workshop with some storage space. This space can be used with certain stipulations. There is a fire pit setup in the back driveway, and a gas grill on the premises, as well. There is ample parking, as the house is at the end of the street in a calm residential neighborhood just south of Lake Nokomis. Close highway access, near the airport. The house is furnished (kitchen table, kitchen wares, couches, chairs, tv and such). The room in question is not furnished. It should be specified that my intent in this situation is to rent the room only, and is not intended for someone with many of the greater household furnishings. A small amount of onsite storage is available (a couple bins and a bike, for instance), but dramatic involvement or change to the current layout is not intended in this situation.

There will be another roommate involved in the house as well, but I've lived with this person before, and it's been very chill.

The Bills and Involvement:


$850 (750 + 100 towards utilities) This includes; Monthly Rent, Internet, Water, Electric, Gas, Garbage/recycling, and Organics Recycling. NO PETS, sorry. Reminder: To anyone with an allergy to cats, there is a cat on the premises.

Security Deposit: $850 as a deposit due at signing. First month’s rent ($850) due upon moving in and getting your key.

House/Grounds Maintenance:

Shoveling, mowing the lawn, and periodic house cleaning, taking out garbage and recycling, etc.. is expected in this agreement.

Trial Period/Lease:

I entertain a 3 month trial with 30 days notice (at the end of month 1, and 2) from either party to terminate the trial agreement. We will need to sign a new agreement after the trial, and we can discuss that at the 2 month mark to determine if we are parting ways, or signing on for more.

You Are:

Employed Individual (One person only), and someone who works off-site. Peaceful (non-Alpha), mature, low drama, considerate of others, financially responsible and punctual regarding bills, clean though not obsessive, and is respectful of the fact that your actions affect everyone in the house. Someone who is into relative solitude most of the time preferred.

In Closing:

I’ve been through some bad situations, and some really good ones as far as roommates go. This is a lot of information to consider, but I feel living with other people is a big deal, and requires a bit of care if things are to go smoothly. If we live together, please know that I do my part, and you can rest assured that you are not going to have to do more than your portion of things.

If this roughly sounds like you and/or a situation you might be interested in researching further please respond with your name, phone number, good times to reach you, a brief description of who you are, and your general situation. (IF YOU DON'T DO THIS I WON'T RESPOND.)

I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!

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