$610 / 5000ft2 - $610 / Room - 5000ft2 - Community House (South Minneapolis)

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Ecclesia is the name of our 10 bedroom coed Christian* community house in south Minneapolis (close to downtown), and we are looking for individuals, married couples and families who are interested in living at our house. Currently, we have 2 rooms available for $585 per month, and 1 room available for $610 per month. Couples that share a room add $200 for the room, and families with kids get multi-room discount.

So, what does life in our community look like? At our house we share food - we call it a common pantry. Everyone pays in an extra $190 per month, and that covers all your food for the month. Everyone takes turns in a cooking rotation every 1-2 weeks, and in exchange other housemates are cooking for you. It’s a great way to share a meal and connect with housemates throughout the week. Everyone also helps with a chore. There is a monthly house meetings (currently the 1st Saturday morning of the month), and there’s an annual house retreat every spring. We desire to create an environment for faith, personal growth, and community. While we all come from different traditions we have a common thread of attempting to live out Jesus’s teachings. We are looking for people who would like to move into our house with an intention to stay for a year or more, however if after moving in you feel like the community is not working out with you, people are free to give a 30 day notice.

The process of being considered for moving in are:
● Initial contact over email. We can talk over the phone also.
● Come over for a visit, take a tour of the houses and talk through possibilities
● Interview with 3-7 people for a spot in our community.

If you are interested in the learning more and potentially moving into our community, please send me an email.

Other notes to consider:
● Our house has been around for 11 years, and currently houses 4 singles and a family of 5.
● Current interests of community members include board games, gardening and flower gardens, art, pottery, book studies, D&D, construction projects, fitness, video games, and watching movies together.
● If you have a car, there is on-street parking.
● The common spaces are cooperatively furnished.
● Rent includes all utilities, and commonly used supplies like cleaning supplies, toilet paper, bulk items, and the like.
● You don't have to be a Christian to apply to live in our community, but we ask that all housemates are willing to attend church.

*In accordance with the FHA laws, as a Christian organization that is building Christian community, we are able to ask that housemates uphold Christian values in our home.

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