Wonderful rental properties needed- top rent paid. (Minneapolis area)

We will be your property manager and we will pay you to manage your property!

No landlord wants the do-it-yourself headaches.
No landlord wants to pay for a Property Manager.

We will pay you to oversee your house for you!


Taking care of YOUR house is good for OUR business.

We pay a higher rent.
We pay for most home-improvements, maintenance, repairs, weekly cleaning, interior design, decor and outfit the house with all dining/kitchen and bedroom things for the guests.

Instead of the Us vs Them mentality you'll have a partnership/friendship equally concerned about your property investment. Taking care of your house is good for business.

There are 3 ways to partner- Most of our Partners go for #2:

Option #1 - Full Partner
We match your house with our expertise. You contribute 50% of the start up costs.

The business pays for all the things mentioned above.
We split the Profits 50/50
Instead of the Us vs Them mentality, your tenant will be your Partner.

Option #2 - Headache-free landlording
You don't want to invest cash or do the 6 hours of work weekly... but you do understand that having an Airbnb does take care of all the problems a landlord would normally have.

You want to rent to us as your tenant.
We put up all the money for start-up cost.
We pay you 10% more a month than you're asking in rent.
We give you free property management, free maintenance, free repairs, weekly cleaning to show condition.

We obtain a $1,000,000 Insurance plus extra short- term renters policy.

We are the tenant that IMPROVES your property!
We give you a long term lease.
I’ll run your place as if I owned it.
I’ll give you Headache-free landlording.

Option #3 - Go back to what you were doing...Say no.
Lose out on the extra rent money.
Pay for the wear and tear out of your own pocket.
Keep your worry and headaches.

Reply to this and let’s discuss.

Let's get started,
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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