PROFESSIONAL Bass lessons - in person - for beginners (Minneapolis)

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Retired professional blues and rock bassist with experience back to the early 70's accepting new students who want to learn electric bass. Experience the joy of making your own music and playing with a band. Beginners and young learners are my specialty. The bass is a great instrument if you don't have a lot of musical experience and you want to play music with your friends. But if you are drawn to the bass because you love and feel it in your bones, that describes my passion for the last forty-five years. I know the history of the instrument well and can help start you on a learning journey from its historical roots onward.


I am a BASS guitar teacher, not a guitar teacher that also teaches bass. Both are stringed instruments but there is a HUGE difference. As a lifelong bassist, I teach the PROPER professional left hand technique for bass guitar and the theory that can help prepare you for a professional career down the road. The fretting hand technique I teach is steeped in the Classical Simandl Method, expected as a prerequisite at Berklee and Musicians Institute, and will prepare you for a professional career if that is what you are going for.

EVERY STUDENT IS AN INDIVIDUAL -- I will tailor my approach to your needs:

*** Wanna just have fun? -- I will get you there. Bring me the tunes you want to play along with and I will dissect the lines. I will show you how to play them and what theory is involved so you can understand them and grow on your own.

*** Wanna get serious? -- I use the Hal Leonard Bass Method by Berklee bass educator Ed Friedland, an industry standard. I also have my own material. I will guide you to developing a solid foundation of technique and knowledge on the bass that will help launch you on a lifelong process towards mastery.

*** Having trouble learning? -- Most players learning a new instrument will encounter mental blocks in the learning process that can cause frustration and sometimes quitting the instrument. I will work with you to isolate and conquer these blocks and get you on the road to playing. If you quit bass before because you think you can't do it - I am the teacher for you.

*** Wanna jump into a blues jam and know what to do? -- I played professionally in this genre for many years with some of the best blues artists in the Midwest and know much that only such experience can teach. I can teach you all the grooves, nuances and turnarounds on bass as well as a fine swing feel, which involves "split time" in and around the beat. If you are looking for a teacher in modern slapping and tapping styles, you might look to someone else - I am a bass traditionalist.

*** Don't have a bass guitar and need help? --- I have a library of different instruments that you can try out and even rent until you are confident to purchase the right one for you. I have helped many find the perfect instrument for their needs.

*** Are you already playing and having physical pain and tendon problems? --- I was there many years ago myself before I understood what I was doing wrong. I will teach you a fretting hand approach that respects the musculo-skeletal structure of your body to minimize the effects of playing fatigue. This alone can help avoid many trips to the doc.

YOU tell ME what your goals are and I will work to get you there. -- My aim is to offer what I have learned since the early 70's to new players interested in bass and to guide you to be as good as you can be. What you will gain from my lessons is not just playing technique but a love and absolute joy for what the bass is capable of. Love Life! Have Fun! ... and play Bass!

The first 30 minute introductory lesson is FREE. After that it is $50 bucks for a full 60-minute lesson. Cost drops to only $35 per lesson if you pay for FOUR consecutive weekly lessons in advance - $140. I offer FULL 60-minute lessons, not 30 like others.

You will NOT feel rushed
I will spend the time it takes to help you get your technique right. My students quickly appreciate the value of that extra time. I will give you insights from my years of history as a respected player that you will not get from others. I will share what has inspired me and many great examples of outstanding bass playing through history that will inspire you. Your lessons will mostly be playing instruction, but if you want lessons on how the bass fits into music in general using YouTube videos, I can also provide that. Some of my students say these are the best lessons of all and provide them with great inspiration. Your one hour of time with me will be based on what you want filtered by what I think you need to progress. I offer a 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied with any lesson.

BEST bass instruction deal in the Twin Cities~!
***** 30 minute FREE introductory lesson *****
***** FOUR consecutive weekly 60-minute lessons for $140 payment in advance (save $60) *****
***** FREE loaner bass for first four weeks of prepaid lessons (cash deposit required) *****

I typically hold individual lessons in South Minneapolis during the week and near Victoria in the SW suburbs on weekends. SKYPE LESSONS available as well. References available on request. Minors are welcome ONLY with initial in-person parental visit - no exceptions.

*** Mic McCormick (Minnesota's legendary master blues guitarist) : "Andy is the best bass player I have ever shared a stage with".

*** Dean K (Student): "Andy is a great place to start when you are a beginner. He offers a good mix of fundamentals and fun learning bass grooves. He will guide you at your own pace and is always patient. If you are looking for a great starting point in your bass guitar study, Andy fits the bill."

*** Michael R (Student) "I have really enjoyed working with Andy. He teaches the importance of how a solid bass line supports the song – how to approach and feel a song like a bass player. Andy customized his teaching to my needs. I required a strong initial emphasis on correcting some bad habits that I had developed. We work on technique, sight-reading, playing in various keys, walking bass, and basic blues patterns. I play in a church ensemble, and I have been looking for some instruction on how to craft bass lines. Andy focused on my needs and I feel my playing is truly progressing."

*** Brian H (Student/professional teacher) : "I came to Andy for lessons to help me learn how to play the bass properly. I'm a lifelong musician who picked up bass as a hobby instrument years ago - self-taught - kind of just messing around on it. Andy helped me correct my left and right hand technique and shared a lot of pro tips and tricks he's picked up over the years. It really helps having a teacher that finds out what you want to learn and focuses on that - he's not a one-size-fits-all kind of teacher. My technique and reading skills have improved tremendously over the past few months and I have Andy to thank for that."

*** Brenda G (Student): "I had never played an instrument before and was pretty nervous about it. Andy has a great method for beginners that truly starts you out with the basics and gradually helps build up your confidence. Plus, he's patient, supportive and clearly loves playing and teaching the bass. I'm really excited about how far I've come in short period of time."

***RussP (Student): "I had played a few instruments in the past. For bass, I wanted things to be different so I sought out an experienced bass teacher. Andy has years of experience and it shows in his teaching. He's helped me learn things that I wouldn't have learned myself. He's a stickler for technique, which I appreciate, and he has a great passion for the instrument. I'd recommend Andy for anyone looking to get serious about the bass.

*** Peter S (Student): "As an adult student and new to music, I'm at ease with Andy's patience. As well, he has instilled proper professional technique and complemented with bits of music theory. He has designed the lessons to my goals."

*** Cynthia N (Student): "I knew nothing and wanted to start playing and Andy found me the perfect bass. I was able to start learning at my own pace without pressure. Andy is patient and very supportive."

*** Dennis E (Student): "Andy is flexible to my learning style, has a passion for bass and keeps me interested through engaging exercises. Definitely a guy interested in spreading the joy of playing bass."

*** Greg H (Student): "Since I have started taking lessons with Andy, I have progressed from not knowing what the bass clef was to now having the ability to read music. Andy’s approach is hands on, he uses his vast training and experience to show me how I can improve with the correct technique and practice. Through his training process he has kept me motivated to keep learning more!"

*** Scott G (Student): "Andy brought me in a few months to where I have confidence in what I am playing".

*** Jeff J (Student): "Andy has a solid method to teach and has patience for days."

*** Trevor N (Student): "I wanted someone to get me competent in a hurry for I had an opportunity to join my friends band that was going on tour in three months and Andy focused on just what I needed. Thanks! "

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