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This IS all you need to know about "Law of Attraction/Vibration":

To paraphrase Abraham-Esther Hicks: Everything you desire is on your list because you believe you will feel better after you receive it. That is to say: If you want more money, it is because you are convinced you will be happy having more money; you believe having more money will bring you happiness. If you feel as though you are in ill health, you are convinced if you were healthy, you would be happier; it is your desire that having a healthier body will make you happy. If you desire a new car, you have convinced yourself that you will be happy when you have the new car; having the new car will make you happier than you are right now.

Regarding "Law of Attraction", the rules are firm but simple ones. Just as with the Law of Gravity, you may disagree with the outcome, but the rules and results are the same for everyone.

To those who are seeking an easy path to having all you desire, this booklet does provide that path for you! Yes, it does. However, like every path you have ever taken, only YOU can be the one who walks this journey. I can't do it for you, nor can your momma! This path will absolutely require your participation. This path WILL require you to take the steps you know are required. If you aren't going to follow these instructions, you are only going to keep receiving the same things you have been receiving. To save you time and effort, I will tell you right now in the strongest words possible: If you aren't going to participate along your path and journey, there really is no reason for you to continue reading this booklet, nor any of the other books you may purchase!

To begin your path with a blank slate, right now, I want you to write down at least three of your most favorite and well-earned accomplishments; these are to be described as successes in your life. These are successes that are personal to you; perhaps it was when you graduated from high school, or nursing school, or college; or when you had your first child. It could be when you made your first car purchase, or when you bought your house. Maybe one of your favorite accomplishments was learning to play a musical instrument. Whatever you feel was a significant success in your life, I want you to write it down. Keep track of that piece of paper; you should refer to it often during your day. Each time you look at that list, or think of what you have written down, try to think of the way you FELT when you recognized yourself as being successful for that accomplishment! After you write out at least three of your favorite successes, you can move on.

Here is where your life begins to change - I now want you to read through the following instructions then return to this point and follow them as directions: Take a deep breath, then exhale; take another deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, then exhale. Using your imagination, imagine yourself in a place where you live in the most perfect house located in the most perfect location; you own the vehicle(s) of your dreams; you have the mate you dream of; every day you have the exact perfect home-life you know will make you happy; you have the best relationships with all of your friends and family; you have so much money in the bank, plus cash on hand, you don't even think of money as an object; everyone you know is perfectly healthy; the sky is the most beautiful blue; in your world, the weather is always perfect for you, just the way you like it. If you have a career, it is in the perfect environment for you; you always look forward to being there because you are as happy at work as you are when you are home.

At this point, if something is missing from the above description from your perfect world, take all the time you want to add it in so you will have a complete picture of your "Perfect Life". In this imaginary world, be sure to include everything that will make you happy. Be as specific as you can; mentally describing everything in your desired world. Truly, before moving on, take as much time as you desire to build this imaginary perfect world. You are the architect of this world; you can have everything and anything that you believe will make and keep you happy. In this world, everything is perfect; there are no speedbumps for your dreams. Internally, YOU know what it will take to make you happy; incorporate all of it into this mental vision of your perfect world.

Once you have spent time building your perfect dream world, review it thoroughly, examining every detail. Be sure you have included everything you can think of, every item, every person; everything you believe should be in your perfect world. During the exercise, if something seems out of alignment, or causes you to feel uncomfortable, remove that item from your vision and continue with what does bring you joy.

Now, return to the top and do it again, this time with deliberation and patience; take time to savor your vision, enjoy every little nuance. Most importantly, take your time savoring your self-crafted world. Mentally and visually develop it to the point that you feel as though you could step right inside this beautiful vision. At this point on your path, you should take all the time you desire to savor everything you have mentally built and envisioned.

Reach inside yourself, to your very heart and soul as you ask yourself this one question: "Would having this perfect world I just designed make me FEEL happy?" Your answer should be a very loud "YES!" If you have a smile on your face, and your heart feels as though you should be singing, you have discovered how 'visualizing' feels. Your visualization has now been sent out to Universe as though it is a catalog order.

After visualizing your perfect world, you are now ready to shift into "Receiving" mode as you prepare to live the life you have designed! Whenever you are visualizing this perfect world, you should always have a feeling of joy, of happiness, of glee at having everything you desire.

"Visualization" is the act of placing your order with the Universe; the thought process acts as the pilot light for igniting your emotions; "manifesting" is the act of receiving your desires into your physical presence so you can begin playing with your desired items/persons/objects. However, just as with every order we place from a catalog or from an internet website, there may be a slight hiccup before your delivery is received into your physical presence. This book will help you identify and avoid by removing any of those hiccups so your delivery can arrive.

For those who are mentally ready, what you have read so far is ALL YOU NEED TO DO! I tell you right now, if you can hold that feeling of happiness, of joy, of satisfaction, you have done everything needed to receive. Earlier, I said to you that you can have everything you desire TODAY; if you have mentally designed your perfect world, and you have your strong sense of happiness and joy when you see it in your mind's eye, YOU NOW HAVE EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE!!!

I say to you truthfully: IF you have followed the above instructions to the point where you are filled with joy and happiness, even when you can behold in your physical presence and in your daily reality all that you have mentally designed, your feelings of happiness and joy will not be any stronger. . .You have received all you desire, now, today!

Yes, that is correct; you have done everything necessary to begin living your new life. There may be some of you for whom the life you visualize hasn't yet physically manifested. Don't concern yourself, your items are on their way to you, right now. Continue to creatively visualize what you desire, savor it, return often to your vision; using only your imagination, you take your vision board with you everywhere/everyday... Universe will provide the rest. Yes, it will; it is Universal LAW.

Understand this: There are NO other actions for you to take; if you insist on taking action or even thinking of what actions you could take to speed up the delivery, you are putting 'resistance' into what is preventing Universe from making your delivery. You truly and completely have done ALL YOU NEED TO DO! This is where so many seekers fail to listen, and believe. There is nothing more for you to do; your thoughts act as the spark plug to ignite your emotions; allow those emotions to flow within you, savor them as you continually visualize playing with your desired items; savor the feelings just as though all you wish for is here right now, in this reality.

My best example to help you understand is to ask you to watch a puppy as you carry a hamburger, or his treat, or his dinner, or something he really wants; watch as his tail wags so happily! This puppy doesn't have what you are holding in your hand, and he may never receive it; if it is YOUR dinner, he may never get it. But, he BELIEVES he is about to receive this special treat so he is showing appreciation and gratitude for it even before you lay it before him to eat. This is how WE should be reacting!!! Just like that puppy who is following you around, waiting for the treat to be given to him. . .That feeling is what it is like to be in the vortex; that feeling of joy, of pleasure, of anticipation is what fuels the puppy to wag its' tail!!! If we could modify our views to mimic that puppy, ALL of our desires would be physically manifested a lot sooner than they are now.

Yes, that is all you have to do. Many of you should stop reading right here and now as you begin receiving your desires from Universe. A few others may still feel resistance or want to know 'more'. For those few, the remainder of this book will be an emotional roller-coaster ride as you are shown the different ways Law of Attraction can be viewed, and interpreted.

I will tell you that right now, before you read any further, you already HAVE enough knowledge to receive everything you desire; the stumbling block is that you don't yet BELIEVE. You have read other books, you have perhaps watched Youtube videos, you may have listened to tape/cd/radio broadcasts outlining everything there is to know about Law of Attraction. From this point on, I won't be adding anything NEW to what you have already heard. However, most of you WILL keep searching for the 'other path' because you can't accept how easy LOA can work for you! Even though Melody Fletcher, Abraham-Esther Hicks, Wallace Wattles, David Snyder, Neville Goddard, and so many others have been telling you how simple the process can be, you insist on continuing your search!

The reality for you is this: If you 'believe' in Law of Attraction, and how easy it is to manifest all your desires, you won't feel inclined to go any further with this reading. However, if you feel compelled to continue reading this booklet, you are acknowledging your internal resistance that (until NOW!) has prevented Universe from delivering your desires to you!
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