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I offer a range of marketing services, including digital marketing (including SEO), social media management, and local ad management. All of these services are described in detail below, and I believe in doing the best job possible for all my clients. I also believe in making mutually beneficial working relationships. I help you by making sure that your ads are actually bringing in business, and you help me by making sure that I can pay for the other things I like to do, like playing laser tag, or travelling to the Bermuda Triangle to be sucked into another dimension. I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

Full Service Ad Management

I offer full service ad management starting at $399 / month + ad spend. That means ad creation, strategy, and management.

I tailor my services to fit your needs, finding the best places to advertise and get the most bang for your buck. I'm very flexible, able to manage anywhere from just 5 ads to upwards of 100 ads per month.

Digital Marketing

Are you sick of spending your money on shady cold callers that never seem to get results? Did you spend $3,000 only to find out that what they gave you actually turned customers away *and* made you get more telemarketer calls?

Well, I'm here to help. I can get your digital marketing on point, so instead of costing you money, it actually (shocker) makes you money. I can get your business listed on dozens of local directories, get people to actually visit your website using SEO, and manage your social media so that people think you're amazing and want to give you more business.

Social Media Management

Ah, the trap that is social media. There's a lot of BS out there, but I'll actually tell you the truth.

Social media is basically 60-75% fake. Consider the following: Facebook alone takes down hundreds of millions of fake accounts every quarter. They openly admit to it too, and they admit to having absolutely *no idea* how many fake accounts are really out there. ( and

Now from their perspective, every bot on their platform is another potential source of free money that *you* pay them when the bot clicks on your ad. If you don't target the ads right, then those bots might be the only source of traffic you get.. meaning you literally just gave Facebook your money for nothing.

Now on the flip side, if you target your ads right and have the right industry, you can use social media as a great source of "free" marketing. The right industries are generally visual or word-of-mouth based businesses that people actually talk about ("Hey, did you hear about that new shop on main st?" "Did you try that new Italian place... Guiginos, I think it was?") and so on. If you have a local service business making less than $100k / year in revenue, I don't think it's necessarily worth the money. You can get clients in other ways far more effectively for far less money (Think about this: Have you ever really heard people talk about that company that just resided their house, or remodeled their bathroom? Sure it happens, but it's more of an "in the moment" type of conversation, not something that could come up any given day of the week when people are hungry or just talking about their day)

That said, if you plan on growing your service business to $100k+ / year in revenue, I think it's absolutely worth the money long-term.

If you've read all of that, and you still want someone to manage your social media, I'm happy to oblige. But if I don't think you're a good fit for it, I won't take your money.

Closing thoughts

If you've read all of that and would like to know more, give me (Devon) a call @ 651-401-4885 for a free consultation. As I said earlier, I like to build mutually beneficial working relationships, and always strive to do the best job possible.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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