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I am a 34 year business professional who prides himself on being an insurgent intellect with over 5 years of diverse experience with intensive in-depth knowledge in Marketing & Media Services. My background started in music, filmmaking, and then podcasting! I fell in love with the process of contention creation, copywriting, branding, social media marketing and much more! After realizing that, my brother and I decided to launch Wierman Media as a way to help other people achieve their dreams and turn their passion into a profit.

I could list all the skills I have but that would be a long list. Let's just say from soup to nuts; from copywriting n content creation, from email marketing to social media marketing, from branding to business strategy and consulting, to executive producing and creative direction.

Let's just say I am hands on from start to finish when helping someone achieve there marketing and media goals. I have a diverse background in professional and personal experiences that gives me a diverse perspective and skillset.

I strive to be conscientious and diligent, and do quality work as a result. I am originally from the Twin Cities but have lived in Duluth for most of the last 10 years. I love to travel around the world in my free time (especially warmer climates to get a quick dip in the ocean). I believe in 5 star quality work as well as customer service combined with an affordable rate that is below the market rate. I guarantee 5 star quality from start to finish.

The photo attached is from my time spent with my brother and my dad on the Island Of Oahu in Hawaii. My brother passed away around Christmas of 2021 and I am keeping our dreams alive of running Wierman Media and helping others achieve freedom by turning their passions into a profit. My father is a military veteran and I proudly support any Military members and offer a Military discount to anyone who is currently serving or who has served our country.

I am also willing to, and do like to, help people who want to do some of the work on their own, but want or need people with more experience such as myself to work with them and or consult with them.

Below is a link to my website where you can see the scientific principles at which Wierman Media operates out of to leverage technology with attention and culture to put you at the center of where your brand needs to be!

I also have a contact form you can fill out, otherwise you can call me directly with any questions you may have. I'm just a phone call away!


Love And Service,

Isaac Wierman

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