TREK MADONE Pro Race Team Bike - "Unity" edition - 58cm - new $8,300 - $2,500 (Maple Grove, MN)

TREK MADONE Pro Race Team Bike - "Unity" edition - 58cm - new $8,300 1 thumbnailTREK MADONE Pro Race Team Bike - "Unity" edition - 58cm - new $8,300 2 thumbnailTREK MADONE Pro Race Team Bike - "Unity" edition - 58cm - new $8,300 3 thumbnailTREK MADONE Pro Race Team Bike - "Unity" edition - 58cm - new $8,300 4 thumbnailTREK MADONE Pro Race Team Bike - "Unity" edition - 58cm - new $8,300 5 thumbnail
bicycle type: road
frame size: 58cm
wheel size: 700C
bicycle frame material: carbon fiber
suspension: none (rigid)
brake type: caliper
handlebar type: drop
condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Trek
model name / number: Madone
Riding this super-light bike, the first thing that strikes you is how easy it is to keep up with the peloton, then the uncanny smooth ride, then you begin to notice how precise the handling is. Thinking about a move is milliseconds from executing.

If you are riding with some A- group, unless you drag the brakes, you will inevitably drift out in front of the peloton on downhills. That is what I experienced.

If outstanding speed, energy efficiency, confidence-inspiring quick maneuverability and all-day comfort are on your wish list, this bike should be on your must-see list.

This bike is a rolling celebration of race team bike royalty. It has taken riders to the podium at the Tour de France in Paris.

I love this bike, but I have three road bikes. My wife passed away, and I need to downsize. It's smarter to move less stuff.

I can accept Paypal, and I can ship.

If the ad is still up, I still have it. If you are not seeing a reply, look in your spam folder.


This Trek is equipped with SRAM Red group, IMO superior to the comparable Shimano Dura-Ace group of its day for its much shorter throws and super light touch on the paddles. Notice the crankarms and brake/shifters are made of carbon fiber.

This bike comes with sweet extras: Rotor elliptical crank rings ($300) give you 4% more effective power. FSA K-wing compact carbon fiber handlebar soaks up the bumps to your upper body ($250). Bontrager Duo-Trap sensor ($59) works with any ANT speedometer to give you speed and cadence.

New Dura-Ace shifter and brake cables were installed, the handlebar has just been re-wrapped with SRAM Supercork, and new hoods have been put on the shifters ($40). It also has a new SRAM 1091 chain ($40) with nearly zero chain wear, and a new SRAM 1090 cassette (supreme).

This Trek Madone was MADE IN THE USA using expensive hand-layup methods, using the highest grade carbon fiber composite available (significantly lower voids than military spec!).

You will never again be dropped because of your equipment.


Trek Madone

MSRP $8,300

Weight 14 pounds

Size 58cm

Colors -Team Radio Shack / Nissan / Trek "Unity" Team custom 5g paint - White with Black / Yellow / Red accents

Frame Construction Bonded/monocoque

Frame Tubing Material OCLV Carbon

Fork Model: Bontranger Race XXX Lite

Fork Material Carbon, aero crown

Components Component Group: SRAM Red (Their top of the line)

Bottom Bracket BB90

Rear Cogs 10-speed, 11 - 26 teeth

Seatpost; Bontrager Ride Tuned Carbon (Note: I have both the tall and short versions of this seat post, so if you are between ~5' 10" and ~6' 4" we have you covered.)

Saddle Bontrager Affinity Race Lite

Headset 1 1/2" to 1 1/8" tapered Cane Creek IS-2 Integrated

Wheels Bontrager Race Lite


This bike is in mint condition and you can own it for less than half of new cost! (I haven’t been able to ride it much since I left Texas, the bike trails where I live are too rough for skinny tires, and it’s too risky to take my chances on the roads.)

- Photos are with the Race Lite wheels

I have treasured this bike through my ownership. I just don't get to ride it enough lately.

I haven't crashed it or let it fall or even come close. This bike has been owned by a man who appreciates and strives for mechanical perfection, and it remains in mint condition.

If you are in the market for an awesome road bike, you need to see this bike before it is gone!

If this bike doesn't sell before it’s time to move back to Virginia, I will know God wants me to keep it. I will be falling off the front of the peloton drifting, again.



1) If you have questions - Ask!

2) If you are reading this from a distance, and want this bike, take heart. If you have the funds, I am willing to do what it takes to sell it to you.

Either we can meet at some point in between, or if the distance is great, we can arrange to have it professionally packed by me, or, by the local bike shop of your choice and shipped to you. I have the box it came in, and you can expect packing about $50 and shipping under $100 to the lower 48. As a bike rider with mechanical inclinations I have substantial experience with Ebay and after 1500 transactions with 100% satisfied rating you know you can buy with confidence.

3) If you wish to negotiate the price, please do so only in person. I find 'what is your bottom dollar' emails etc senseless. Why waste both of our time discussing price when you haven't even seen the bike? If you can't commit to come see it, why should I commit to a discounted price?

Note: I can accept Paypal, and I can ship to the lower 48 states.


Once you have conducted an investigation, you will understand that this is an astonishing deal for one of the greatest road bikes.


Madone Review -- by PELOTON magazine

If America has a bike it is the Trek Madone. The Tour de France, the only bicycle race most Americans care about has been dominated by this bike since 1999. (This was written about 2014)

The Frame:

The overall geometry gives the Madone a tight wheelbase with steep head tubes, while using long chain stays, in fact their 50cm frame has longer chain stays by 5 millimeters than many manufacturers 60cm bikes. The pronounced bulge at the head tube is designed to deliver precise steering response while a unique Bontrager E2 fork design delivers a measure of compliance up front. The tapered steer tube actually has an ovalized cross section giving it incredible lateral rigidity, while complying front to back to protect you from nasty road surfaces.

The bottom bracket is the widest BB currently available, over 2 centimeters wider than the legacy standard road BB. The BB90 design eliminates the need for aluminum inserts. These features combine to make the BB90 solution one of the lightest and stiffest options on the road. A very trick integrated feature of the non-drive side chain stays is the DuoTrap sensor which gets the job done without adding wind resistance and is compatible with all major ANT + cycling computers.

Trek's unique seat mast and cap system withstands load and impact more effectively with over 10cm's of adjustment possible while being significantly lighter than even the best traditional seat post and clamps.

- What else makes the Trek Madone different? In a word; materials. While many brands boast of using aerospace or "weapons grade" carbon in their frames what this actually means is less impressive than what Trek has.

The typical go-to fiber for bicycle construction is Toray T-700 or 800 carbon from Japan.

Trek uses carbon materials so closely controlled by the US government that they cannot be sold outside the US, HexMC and HexSL. Trek can use them on the 6.9 only because this bike is still handmade in the United States. These materials offer a superior combination of stiffness and strength vs any other materials used in bicycle construction. Nothing like them can be obtained in Asia.

The HexMC carbon specifically allows Trek to create very complex and intricate shapes. Their engineers have used this feature to design the very specialized internal and integrated cabling system on the Madone. The brake cables and mechanical shifting cables are internal, unquestionably the cleanest routing of any bike on the planet while providing perfect cable path for smooth mechanical shifting and braking.

The Ride:

Real all-day compliance in a true race bike is rare, but the Madone has it in spades. It is pure joy for long days in the saddle, letting its rider enjoy the landscape immune to the vagaries of the pavement. Any Tour bike worth its salt needs to shepherd its pilot across long days buried in the peloton using as little energy as possible and the Madone is uniquely qualified for this task. Great power transfer at tempo along with its inherent compliance means the rider will reach the inevitable climbs or cross wind challenges as fresh as is possible.

When the tempo rises as the remaining days grow short or when sprinters begin to jousting for position at the finish any Tour hopeful needs to stay out of the wind while remaining upright in the melee. The Madone's short wheelbase and incredibly stiff front end gives the rider split second pinpoint accuracy to thread the needle in a tight pack. The longer chainstays keep the rider's center of gravity very evenly distributed to ensure that sharp handling never feels twitchy or unpredictable. What is truly incredible about this finely tuned handling is the front end compliance the bike still manages to give the rider thanks to the unique ovalized steer tube on the Bontrager E2 fork. These same qualities deliver incredible performance in the mountains as well. The bike's light weight and stiff BB90 provide exacting power transfer.

Add this to the real world compliance and Madone riders get over those first few climbs of the day with more in the tank for the attacks that inevitably come as the finish draws near. The handling means the Madone riders won't need to worry about getting dropped on the descent into the valley or have to take their lives in their hands if they need to close a gap of a few seconds over a KOM. The finesse and ride quality the Madone possesses sets it apart from every other bike in the peloton.

The Madone is an authentic Grand Tour bike. It is about the efficient application of power over the long haul. It is about conserving energy until it is truly needed. It is about jerseys, Yellow, Pink and Gold. It is a bike every American can be proud of. Made in the heartland and victorious on foreign soil, the Trek Madone is truly America's bike.

The Rider:

The Madone rider is looking for long day performance in a very race ready package. They want a bike that will allow them to remain fresh until the selective moment, then be able to set a blazing tempo over punishing terrain and epic mountain passes.




Carbon Fiber reinforced composite materials were developed in the USA for aerospace applications -- fighter aircraft, missiles, spacecraft -- where extreme strength-to-weight ratio was needed to improve over the capabilities of aluminum alloys.

The process Trek uses to manufacture their carbon frames sets Trek bikes apart from all others.

To make a carbon fiber composite part, sheets of carbon fiber material are laid out in a specific orientation for strength in a certain direction, cut to the required shapes, then coated with a carefully controlled (light) dose of epoxy resin. The coated pieces are layered in a specific order into heavy steel molds that will determine the final shape of each part. A thick rubber 'balloon' is then placed inside the carbon fiber layup and the mold is closed.

Trek's innovative process places the loaded mold into a vacuum chamber that enables them to draw 99.99+% of the air out from between the layers of carbon fiber material. Trek also developed a way to use unusually high pressure on the bag to smash the layers together like no other manufacturer, creating extraordinarily low void volumes.

Where most aerospace manufacturers can only get 15psi on the bag, Trek has developed bags and molds that can handle 90psi at process temperatures. They accept 4% void volumes, while Trek routinely gets under 1%.

The loaded molds are brought up to the 'cure' temperature for the epoxy in the vacuum chamber, the part is 'baked' until set, then process temperature is gradually ramped down to return the mold and part to room temperature, at which point atmospheric pressure is restored, the molds are withdrawn from the vacuum oven and the parts unloaded.

- OK, so what difference does void volume make?

You’ve seen the difference between a good window tint job and a crappy window tint job- with the many air bubbles in the poor job. Most carbon fiber composites (including aircraft, missiles, and bicycle frames) have hundreds of similar tiny bubbles of air ("voids") scattered between the layers of carbon fiber material. Voids are weak spots; the more voids, the less strength, requiring additional material to compensate.

Trek's patented vacuum process brings the level of voids below 1%. (For perspective, aerospace void specs generally run ~4% ...!) Trek's OCLV process is a technical breakthrough, and OCLV means Trek can achieve needed strength with lighter weight materials vs competitors.

Trek calls the process OCLV (which stands for Optimum Compaction- Low Void).

One serendipitous benefit of carbon fiber is the much smoother ride. In short, large-scale, low frequency forces -- pedaling, pulling up on the bars, railing a corner -- result in no perceptible distortion of the fuselage while high-frequency inputs, in particular road vibrations, are effectively absorbed by the OCLV carbon.

Do you realize how blessed you are to live in the USA???


Keywords - Note: I don't have all these bikes for sale, only the Trek. These keywords are only intended to help those searching for their supreme road bike find this ad.

BH G6, Ultralight

BIANCHI -- Infinito, Oltre XR2

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CANYON -- Aeroad CF, Ultimate CF



FELT - F1, F2

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SCOTT -- Addict, Foil, CR1, Speedster

SPECIALIZED -- Tarmac SL, Venge

TREK -- Madone, Domane, Emonda

WILIER - Izouard

Note: I don't have all these bikes for sale, only the Trek. The keywords are intended to help those searching for the supreme road bike find this ad.

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