FLAG: "Granite, Affordable Cabinets...... (No Hope)

Here's why you should flag this chronic over poster:

Not only is he violating the terms and spirit of Craigslist, he also violates accepted retail standards for "sale prices" and regular prices. In fact, all of his items are always "on sale", which means they are actually never on sale-it is the regular price! If you don't ever sell at a regular price, you can't claim something is "on sale".

***On further investigation regarding deceptive retail advertising, I have discovered this person is also violating STATE and FEDERAL laws!! ***

In addition, he routinely posts that he is "Rated #1" By who? What legitimate rating agency? Why doesn't he list that?
"Brightest Light on Market"? Again, by what criteria, and what rating agency?
"Liquidation"? How many years has this guy posted this term?
All hype and BS!
This company is one of the worst over posters on Mpls Craigslist. Type in "LED-Grow-Shop-Office" and you will get an entire PAGE of the same ad in posted in multiple categories, on the same day, or consecutive days. Also runs multiple ads/day for "Granite" "Affordable cabinets", "Shaker Cabinets" (does not know what shaker style is, just puts it in ad) and on and on

In addition, his keyword list at the bottom of his ads is over a THOUSAND unrelated words and terms that have nothing to do with the item being advertised. From the looks of it, he copies other search lists and pastes them into his ad to increase the traffic.

So, all of these unrelated words will grab your CL search, and get you his ad whether you were looking for LEDs or not!

I recently did a CL search for something totally unrelated to LED lights, and got TWO ENTIRE PAGES OF HIS ADS!
Examples from his list: "sled, buyers, enclosed, america, persian, espresso, massage, cherry, vanity, sewing, carpet" Plus a thousand more! All these words. unrelated to LED, will bring you his ad

The CL rules are fair, and they are meant to give people equal access to buy and sell their stuff.

SOME people/companies think that they are SPECIAL, and don't need to follow the rules.

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