Ohh...So much Hardware... - $12,345 (Saint Paul)

condition: new
make / manufacturer: Fastenol
Calling all Builders, Tinkerers, Contractors, DIYers, Farmers, Framers, Pipe fitters, Creators and Hobbyists....

For the past 5 years I have steadily been collecting hardware on an almost daily basis...

what types of hardware might you ask?

All types. All sizes.


that can be called hardware.

Screws,lag bolts,nails, tacks, lock washers,washers,nuts, wing nuts,anchors,fasteners,fittings, connectors, adapters, self taping, rivets,Allen head,Hex head, flush head, fine thread, course thread, reverse thread, handles, knobs, hinges, brackets, clips, clamps, spacers,springs, galvanized, zinc coated, stainless steel, plastic....sigh...

dare I go on?

I think you get the point.

As much as I enjoy the fact that my friends come to me with any and all their hardware needs and have dubbed me the "hardware queen"..... it is time I put a stop to my obsessive compulsive hardware hoarding.

Storage space is becoming a problem and since I spent more time collecting and little to no time organizing.....my abundant collection has went from neatly seperated and labled bins to 5 gallon buckets and 55 gallon drums of madness.

Trying to find the exact hardware I need when I need it, is a hilarious-shit-show of a task.

I now fix nothing.

Even though i have all the supplies and everything I need in order to so.

I have finally accepted the fact that the door to the pantry will always sag and never fully close...... and that bedroom downstairs, the one I've been meaning to sheetrock for the past two years will just have to remain a cinderblock storage room ..... unless I want to dedicate 3 days searching through countless bins, tubs and barrels for the appropriate hardware needed in order to complete those tasks....

We all know what this stuff costs, and I am not looking to get rich by any means. Prices will be fair and negotiable.

I am in the process of sorting through it so that pickings are easier, but I Will be available this weekend for those who would like to browse/dig through the bins, barrels and buckets in search of treasure.

I will have stuff individually priced after it's sorted, hopefully by Monday of next week.

Text message is best,i have a problem returning phone calls in a timely manner.

(Pictures will be updated throughout the sorting process)

Thanks for looking!

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