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We see heroes from FBI are all over two actress because they pay for theirs children school. I reported a dose times this case of massive bankruptcy fraud to FBI, department of justice - bankruptcy fraud, attorney general, and none move finger. But attorney general do not have problem chase me for putting at CL "Zell carpenter - I run project". I put word "run" and conclusion from it is that I advertise for general contractor and want me pay 3K for that. Soon or latter this all will come to some news paper.

I have a few cuts of audio from court day, all together 25 min long and from a few hearings. Feel free to ask for audio, I will email it to you.
This is situation. Guy own me money and I win at court, 5K in question. He declared bankruptcy at 12/15. I challenged his bankruptcy. I proved how debtor earn 8K from rent monthly plus he has 53$/hour like a nurse. He own all together only around 124K to different people. After a couple hearing we had court date at 2/17. They granted him bankruptcy.

First when you step in bankruptcy court you will se notice "recording banned". Farther you will understand why

This is timeline of events and criminal acts in this bankruptcy case:
1) 1/2016 meeting of creditors. On question from trustee representative (just to clear here Trustee general is a useless clown. He was at court day there and didn't do anything nor say a word. I have audios to prove it) why is debtor tax box empty debtor said that He lost tax papers for 2014 and He can not remember numbers.

2) 2/2016 Hearing. That hearing is deleted from record because debtors lawyers lied that debtor do not earn any money from renting. It is proved latter that debtor earn 8K from renting. While that audio is deleted from record at bankruptcy court lawyer from US bank that was there remember to that debtors lawyer was lying.

3) Audio from 3/16. Judge say "something is wrong with schedule for contracts income say - NONE but rental income come in". It is because at 2/16 hearing lawyer lied and didn't have time to fix renting income on paper. But instead of canceling case judge said to him to fix it??? I have audio of that hearing. If you need it let me know.

4) Audio from 10/16. At very beginning of hearing trustee representative said that she received 2015 tax return from debtor. Both for him and his fake company (just name, company do not do anything except used when need for bankruptcy). You can hear trustee saying that properties area is like "worse than inner city". One property is 3 blocks down from Governor house at Summit and another property is 1 block from high school at Lexington. She said "county valued this properties that they worth fear amount of money, but she (Trustee representative) know that houses do not worth much even she wasn't inside ever". Yes it is what this clown said.

5) Court day 2/17.
Very first question that I asked at court day was debtor 2015 tax return (see in nr 4 trustee representative said that debtor brought it to trustee office). Debtor say he can not remember. There is Trustee general, Trustee representative, Debtor, Debtors lawyer, Judge and each one of them has memory problem.
Debtor never show any tax papers for any year not only to me than to court to. At first meeting of creditor trustee ask him why is tax box empty, he said he do not know and can not remember tax number. At court day I asked around 500 times that debtor show any tax number but judge say it is enough for her exhibitions from his lawyer ("exhibitions" from lawyer are phantasies from debtors lawyer about debtors income). I have audio from that court day. Court give him bankruptcy even he never show any tax return. Tax returns was registered to trustee office for 2014 and 2015 but Trustee and Trustee general didn't bring it to court. Debtor and his lawyer has memory problem and judge didn't bother to ask for tax return. I have all that at audio from court day. Ask if you would like to listen to it.

6) 2017 I complained to district court. Part of audio that I send to district court was "missing".
Even better corruption go all way to district court. Lawyer attached fake company to bankruptcy case. So fake company and bankruptcy case of person has same bankruptcy number. I know you do not believe it. I had so many emails it is not possible so I attached photo. You can see clearly that in second and third line person and company has same bankruptcy number. So when I complain to district court about my case against "John Smith"(fake name here) district court answer "Zeljko Situm vs John Smith as surety for Smith ventures". I warned district court that "John Smith" is my creditor and they simply ignored it. Watch out how is it carefully worded, they do not say "Zeljko Situm vs Smith ventures" than "... as surety for...".
Most likely to earn money in this is like be whistleblower and with ours help discover hundred of fake bankruptcies in Bankruptcy court of MN and collect fee for it. Or you tell if is possible collect anything.

Now I want sue judge of bankruptcy court for say 15 millions of dollars. When bankruptcy system allow this lawyer-judge-trustee ring to make damage to society around 50M per year in fake bankruptcies they can give to me 15M. Would you work at percent? If you can email first and put phone nr in.

Anyone who do not believe in story I will send him audio and document that show that company and person have same bankruptcy number (that single document proof everything that I said here, is it so?), complete or part of. Keep in mind part of audio is 11MB and all 4 almost 50.
Anyone from Hollywood or any another TV show more than welcome if interest I will be happy show up at TV.

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