have some riding lawn mowers that need minor work fixed? - $1 (Bethel/Isantt)

Xeon st nw
I have some riding lawn mowers that need..well minor work maybe.?? 2 run but problems with mower deck ---a year man here told metold needed a starter--got a new one on and new battrey and nothing and a craftsman parked last winter will not start either....i am simi disabled recovering from lymes desease and have a hernia now plus bad back lol not complaining but lack of knowledge and lack of strenth to use a wrench now--i am semi disabled like i say and drawing the minimum soc security--dont have much money but have a large ydar and mow a couple of neighbors yards who cant do much of anything and about 200 trips back into woods to haul out firwood I burn wood full time so i need at least 3 older mowers so i have one that runs at any given time..not looking for free -- willing to pay a fair but reasonable fee..had a guy last fall was here for 1 1/2 hours looked at all of em for 2 to 3 minutes fixed one that was borrowed had to return it in few days so ended up with nothing and charged me like 1 1/2 months of my sic sec take home pay oh well...i live by bethel/st francis ok also have a snow blower than i got last fall..it worked good except first time the blower part of it dont work ....long driveway to try to shovel want to get that to work starting to think next winter early--thanks Tom..also now have a borrowed rider that cant get the mower deck mowing part to engage

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