5# Bags of Wheat Pennies Cents - $40 (Blaine)

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5# Bags of Wheat Pennies Cents - 15 bags available.
Some bags are marked 1940 - 1958. Since I have not sorted these myself, this could be the case for all of them.
I have bought a lot of bulk pennies over the years, and I have no idea where or when I got these. I thought I had sold off most of my wheat cents, but I just found these in the bottom drawer of a file cabinet.

Bonus: the last two photos are pennies from the 1920s. I have spread these into separate little bags and will include one bag with each 5# bag. I started from the bags with the most 1920P and 1929P) there will be at least two each of these dates in the little bag. I worked my way down to the bags with the least in them. The last 15 with the smallest quantity were mixed together and spread into the bags (1 in ea. bag). No I do not know which bags have the 2 1926D in them.

Cheaper than eBay and no sales tax.

Please call or text 651-8 O 8 zero 765.

Price is firm unless you want them all.

I have 63 years of collection to sell, this is just a start. I will be adding more as time and my A.D.D. allow.

Call or text please. Meet at Blaine Police Dept., Anoka County Sherrif Dept. or a Gun shop in New Brighton. The distance I am willing to travel is dependent on the price of what you are purchasing. If you want to cover the PayPal Fees and shipping, I can mail them to you.

Please call or text. If you insist on using reply thru Craigslist Include an email address or phone number. I will respond if and when I catch it in my spam folder. Be sure to check your spam folder. Most replies from Craigslist wind up in spam folders and I never hear back.

Please do not be offended by the following. Anyone who has sold much on Craigslist will understand:

I will not respond to "is your item still available". or please reply to my email @ .......
If it is still listed it is available.
I will mark it sold and end the listing immediately when sold.
I do not need help selling it.
Emails or texts asking “is your item still available” or “available now?” will be filed appropriately.
If you want to send me a verification number, or make sure I am real, or call your Google voice number, or respond to your personal email I will not respond and Block your number.
Only an idiot is going to click on your fake Google voice message text.
Yes, I know your Mother, Brother, Son... wants my item. I will accept your bank check. Just include $500 cash deposit along with your fake bank check for handling and I will let your shipper pick it up after I know your check has cleared (12 Months).
do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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