HUGE Memorial Day PINBALL SALE - $1,300 (Lino Lakes)

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Hi, EVERYTHING is on sale in the Store on Saturday!

Williams Dirty Harry Prototype Pinball. Beautiful. $6500. SALE $6000. Williams Dirty Harry Pinball PROTOTYPE $6000. Beautiful condition, just came in and looks and plays great! 3 Flippers, with a very cool upper shots and Targets to hit. Plenty of Ramps and cool modes with Clint Eastwood guiding you through the gameplay and saying all the classic lines from the Movies. Has a Gun handle instead of a plunger and a moving 44 Magnum pistol that shoots and you have to time the shot to hit the correct shots that are lit. Go ahead make my day!

Capcom Pinball Magic $6500. SALE $5900. The best Capcom Pinball and kind of rare for these to come up for sale. Some really neat Magic tricks that happen on this one. Must try! Great Magic Hat skill shot, Magic Wand that moves and magically moves the ball along the wand, Ball Levitating Stage and lots more to discover! Plenty of ramps, surprises and Multiball. Very highly rated machine. Looks and plays amazing.

Bally Baby Pac-Man $3500. SALE $3200. First there was Pac-Man and then Ms Pac-Man and of course they had to make a Baby Pac-Man. Just restored and looks and plays great! Play video game and Pinball. Best of both worlds! You start in the Pac-Man maze and of course are trying to eat all the pellets. Escape to the pinball to build your energizers, Fruits and speed up Baby Pac-Man by spelling TUNNEL. Amazing artwork on this one! Don’t see these properly restored very often. A lot of man hours went into this.

Stern Guardians of the Galaxy $6600. SALE $6400. Includes Shaker Motor. Like new, super popular game. Start the game and pick your favorite character from the movies which starts their mode. You are trying to beat all the modes plus level up to beat them twice. Shoot Groot and he will eat 3 Balls to start his Multiball, there’s also the Orb that locks a ball to start Orb Multiball, plenty of Multiball in this one with up to a 6 Ball Multiball. Great ramps and different paths the Balls can take. Excellent machine with the Movies well integrated into the machine and on the screen. Even plays some really great music in between Modes!

Stern Jurassic Park Premium Edition On SALE $9000. And has the 30th Anniversary sticker. Just built with a little over 100 plays on it. Has Shaker Motor and that is a must on this game, especially when you get the T-Rex grabbing the ball and spitting it back at you. 3 Flippers, Tons of Ramps going all over, a moving Truck that you hit to change your path through the Park story. The Raptor moves and has an up down gate and 2 diver tees to stop the balls. Very cool effect. Tons of different, fun paths to try to beat the game. You can even skip ahead at the beginning of the game to a Wizard Mode. Considered one of the best Pinballs ever made! 6 Ball Multiball.

Godzilla Premium $9500. SALE $9400. Like new. Shaker Motor included! This may be the greatest Pinball ever made. Has so much going on in this Pinball world. 3 Flippers, Tons of Ramps, the Skyscraper goes up and down to Lock the Balls and creates different paths through the building. Mechagodzilla rotates from a Spinner Jump shot to 3 Targets and Mechagodzilla grabs the ball. Very cool Magnet under the Collapsing Bridge that uniquely grabs the ball and moves and throws it! Become Godzilla to rid earth of aliens, destroy cities, conquer Mechagodzilla to become King of the Monsters.

American Pinball Houdini $6000 SALE $5800. This one has ever but the kitchen sink loaded into it! MainStage Curtain opens to lock and start modes. Very cool ramp paths with 2 Catapults, one even launches the ball into the Treasure Trunk! 3 Magnets. Lots to discover on this one. Tons of Modes to play through, including some of his Movies, Jail Escape, Tricks, Video Mode and plenty of Multiball.

Stern Game of Thrones Premium $11,000. SALE $10,500. Has all the Stern Accessories including the awesome Dragon Topper, Artblades, Side Rails, Shaker Motor and probably more I can’t think of… amazing castle themed Pinball. Battle through all the houses. Lock the Balls on the Sword Ramp. Dragon moves on the playfield and on the top of the Machine. Really awesome upper playfield. A Batter Ram. 4 Flippers. Fast and fun pinball designed by Steve Ritchie.

Sega Star Wars Pinball $4500 SALE $4000. and includes a beautiful color display. Looks and plays great. Tons of fun Modes to play through and up to a 4 Ball Multiball. The Tie Fighter moves when you shoot down the Drop Targets/Tie Fighters and it will reveal a tunnel behind. There’s also a X-Wing that when loaded, moves back and forth and you need to aim it just right to shoot the Ball to hit the flashing shots. The cannons move and grabs the ball to divert it to another Ramp. There’s of course the classic music and speech integrated into the gameplay.

Stern Mustang Pinball $6500 rare one. SALE $5500. Fast and fun playing game with some really great modes including the French guy from Medieval Madness! 6 ball Multiball. Even if you’re not a Ford Mustang car truck fan, this is a blast to play. Each mode can be picked at the beginning of each ball and they all have different and fun songs associated with each mode. Must play to appreciate what an underrated and fun game this is.

Stern Stranger Things Pro Pinball. $6800. On Sale $6400! And includes a Shaker Motor and Stern Artblades inside the cabinet that look great. Super fun machine from the designer of Medieval Madness and Attack From Mars, 2 of the best pinballs ever. Fast, flowing Ramps. Tons and tons of modes and different ways to play this game. There’s so much content crammed in this game it’s hard not to hit Start again and again. A huge ramp comes down to battle the Demogorgon.
Probably the most popular Netflix tv show with adults and kids. Looks and Plays great!

Last Action Hero Pinball $4500. SALE $4000. Super nice! Many different fun modes and classic Arnold Schwarzenegger lines in this one. Even has a gun to launch the Ball into play. Ramps all over the place and at least 3 different subways. Very unique Multiballs on this one and even has a Crane that moves and grabs the Ball. Great one especially for the price. Even plays AC/DC Big Guns and some others from the movie.

Gottlieb Super Orbit $1800. SALE $1300. Plays and sounds great. We had to rebuild everything on this. These never come up for sale. Rarer machine. The layout on this one is a lot of fun. Plays smoothly and I can’t recommend the sounds this one makes enough. Really neat.

Gottlieb Dragonette $2899. SALE $2000. This is a beautiful, rare and fun pinball from 1954! Great shape for its age. Does have a beautiful new Backglass installed. Very fun game that also features double scoring gambling feature when you hit the Start Button twice. You never see these for sale, only 900 ever made and not many survived. You may never see one again!

And more... never know what’ll be coming in next…

Get something fun for the family and friends to play when they come over. Fun and interactive. All set on Free Play and ready for your home. Everything we sell is fully refurbished and ready for you to start or finish your Gameroom. Check my other ads link to see more Arcade Machines for sale. We have Buck Hunter and Golden Tee!

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