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pop POP pop pop pop POP POP POP (saint paul) pic

Re land of the free, worth saying again pic

Just duked out a deuce, a big one! (I named it Ted)

Ferguson pic

St Paul superintendent Silva (St Paul)

FERGUSON, From a Teacher (TC)

re: Craigslist R&R: Echo Chamber

re what if?? pic

Stupid (yes you) pic

He mel ville

Missouri Porch Monkeys (mpls)

What the F did you watch pic

Ass Packers vs Viqueens (Nickerson Bar) pic

re: Teach your children (The deer stand)

Re: REALLY (The deer stand) pic

Re: not sure why (The deer stand)

Bruce and his Funtime women

For that clueless person on CL pic

Yes Jim Ragsdale dead SAINT PAUL DISPATCH prick (saint paul)

39 Just a temp 39 (Saint Paul)

The Sitting Disease

Racism learned (The playground)

you know who

Re- Defund M.P.R original poster (st.paul)

Small pickups like Ford Rangers, Chevy S-10, etc

drifter dan

re: New MPS discipline policy

re: Affordable Health Care...

Same old same old

re: Ever watch Rehab Addict

re canadian letter

Just a reminder, your kids are your own problem

NFL Playoff Picture pic

53 A Lawyers Perspective On Negroes 53

My first date w/ drifter Dan (Lauren, Here.)

54 Not give head, it's go ahead douche 54 (saint paul)

Re: blacks in front of cars

Attention Attention

99 and I STILL haven't came! 99 (Blaine, MN) pic

THE BIbLe is fake You say! Huh ? (heaven) pic

Can't we all just love one another? (the world)

Hood Rat Announcers on 88.5 (Suburbs)

Re2 paid sick leave

31 frost fighter products. rave 31 (St. Paul)

Zesty Sauce!?!?

46 "Valid ID required" 46 (Minnesota) pic

Is it possible to breathe through your ass? (USA)

re: re:re: You should vote Tuesday

S T O P the IRS

bbw (see pic) pic


Guys between age 18 and 30

Re: Why won't my partner stop using hookers?

Hallows eve pic

37 Top 10 Reasons To Vote Democrat 37 pic

If you were even half as smart as you think you are...

26 Who do you go to when your life falls apart? 26 (WBL)

The master dwit is at it again. pic

Re: stalked online ( I don't think so) pic

Democrats (Minneapolis)

Vikings win!!!

The cheap seats in my pickup

Re: silly biker nicknames.... (lalaland...) pic

The only minorities I like (St. Paul)

The Democrats' Secret Weapon For The 2014 Midterm Election pic

Muslims Attack and Kill at Canada Parlimiant (Ottawa)

Deer hunting (Pine County) pic

Re Schedule 2nd week of January 2015 pic

Half redneck, half...


54 This is in my head 54 (st paul) pic

re 3 years (neck tie) pic

52 Dan the fixer 52 (crackville) pic

We Found Them pic

54 Hudson 54 (st.paul) pic

54 now a new song keeps popin in 54 (st paul) pic

54 That song that is stuck in ur head 54 (saint paul) pic

Re: re: Politically Correct Limerick

Politically correct limerick

I only date Asian women

The Way It Should Be (far away from you)

45 who does that shit? 45 (stpaul)

45 You won! You should be happy! 45 (USA)

Re: hwy 100 (Excesior)

22 New to this ;) 22 (Wisconsin)

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