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I voted Democrat pic

re: Just received the best hand job ever

Fat People (USA)

Douche Bodine Photo (His ass) pic

What if i fail ? pic

Searching for DBodine 40's Military records (Moms basement)

Oops! Minnesota, they're coming for ya! (Bronx) pic

RE: DUMB as they CUM (Rodamsville) pic

You know how i know its true

Social Security is Taxable in Mn.

Re:Re: Liberals made Minnesota!! (Rochester,Mn) (mpls)

Food Shelf Bread FREEZE IT (IFC) pic

re: Can't say this out loud to anyone....

another radical millitant left winger kills a cop (How can the NRA help)

RE: Confessions of an Addict

Are you football "fans" aware of .....

The dem rat race pic

re Liberals are Doing Good!!!Here is Proof!!!The Facts (1.9 BILLION SU

Children, please!

Alondra Cano should be stopped (9th Ward)

Did you evict a renter in mid-Sept.?? (North Minneapolis)

re: went down swinging ..

Re: Your Husband Will Always Cheat (Texas)

Ok big shot football players.....Look at this

What time do the Fudge Packers play next week?

A Clue for you CHEAP Fargin Bastedges (Everywhere)

Confessions of an addict

Blacks=Crime (Prove Me Wrong)

Once again FudgePackers invent a way to lose! (Aaron Rodgers ass)

re: Funniest Fortune Cookie Fortune

Re: Went down swinging pic

Ha Ha Ha pic

re: Please people (Earth)

I must say

Packer fans (usa)

re re re Tell me why

Re: Tell me why?

OK Vikings Fans, Start Dancing (Green Bay Packer Arrested) pic

Arby's on Lake St - m4mw (Minneapolis)

How to deal with carjackers? (YOU decide!)

re: kicker and holder

Calling all stupid, idiotic, retarded, sons of bitches.. (Never mind ..... you are already here) pic

re Black people we owe you nothing

re People in Oregon

re wow people in Oregon got 5 years each for a 120 acre brush fire (hi pic

Sanctuary Cities

Poop differently (Pittsburgh Pa)

esc guy and gal

Re:Major rave

re: I did EVERYTHING but succeed.

The kick is up ....... (and it's good!!!!!!!!!!!!) pic

re Trump pic

re: To Blair Walsh

re: Left pregnant and alone

masturbation (Mpls)

re: Escalatot Gal - research on trolls pic

Waitress: I have a question (USA)

Re: Misreading of friend (Mpls)

Yet Another Armed Robbery by Black Man (Roseville)

re Warriors

Viking Fans pic

From A 12TH (Seattle)

vikings (artic mn)

rip ziggy

The Purple Douche (Paul Allen's ass) pic

I have a question to you football fans............. (Blaine) pic


Future looks great for Vikings

Vikings beat expectations

VIKINGS Rave pic

Wallmart must have superior employees (Better customers)

Jamar Clark (N MPLS)

Thank you Vikings.

Seahawks vs Vikings (Seattle) pic

re: smell socks


Blair walsh you suck!!!! (mpls tcf)

Vikings Lose again. (Go Packers!) pic

Vikings (Twink Cities)

Lovin' it (usa)

Did you really think you were going to the Superbowl (Saint Louis) pic

RE:Why do guys smell their own socks

Who Should Run For President!

IM the new stair guy (up&down)

And i should tip why? (north oaks)

Armed Robbery by Black Man - Twin Cities (MPLS)

If I won the big lottery (USA)

When I win the lottery

I need to hire a black man pic

New Years Ressie People at the Gym (Mpls)

I need to hire a black man...

Re:Farook you terrorists pic map

The 2 people posting on here causing problems (Profile of the Sociopath)

re: Beastmode

Re: Well it looks like...... (all over) (you need to get a job)

Stop the escalator I want to get off (OP) pic

How much more? pic

Well it looks like...... (all over)

BOO FUKN HOO! (Your nasty panties!)

STEVE PERRY do it for me or do it for FREE (Journey) pic

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