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I miss you EA - m4w (Twin Cities)

In my uber from uptown to slp - m4w

100 I'll have the quesadillas - m4w 100 (15 cars)

Kara at the front - m4w (The front) map

I like your (non-winter) sweater - m4w

32 RE Re Oakdale - m4w 32 (St Paul) map

Jackie SA Wayzata - m4w (Wayzata) map

Melted - m4w (McDonalds E.P.) map

Saludar al malo de la pelicula - m4w (Lejos) map

25 Looking For BLONDE Woman I Helped 1/30 Cabooze - m4w 25 (Minneapolis) map

can you tell me? - m4w

Liz T I want you - m4w (Ham Lake) map

Meet me tonight. - m4w (last)

25 Looking for Marianna - m4w 25 (Minneapolis) map

To the woman walking from us bank - m4w (Edina) map

maybe i will see her... - m4w (anywhere)

26 ...Entitled to fall madly in love... - m4w 26 (Downtown Minneapolis)

31 Will you be my valentine ??🙇🏼❤️ - m4w 31 (Your heart) pic map

35 Shaminah "Tiffany" Grant - m4w 35 (Minneapolis) map

Ann your so sexy - m4w

38 To u lovely Christian women! - m4w 38 (Mpls) pic map

8th Street Bar and Grill - m4w (Downtown Minneapolis)

31 Long shot... - m4w 31 (Edina)

My Angel Eyes - m4w map

24 Em, I wanted to say something but... - m4w 24 (Mpls)

Unattainable R - m4w (work) map

33 Blonde at The Lowry Tonight - m4w 33 (Minneapolis)

Dear St. Valentine - m4w (NotWhereUR)

Match.com - 49 - Female - Hopkins - m4w (Hopkins) map

Something Emo - m4w (Limbo) map

37 Sun Country Flight Attendant - m4w 37 map

Are we in love? - m4w

Awkward sex, still on my mind - m4w (Minneapolis)

beautiful blue eyes - m4w (tires plus)

Melissa - m4w (Roseville) map

Jimmy johns Columbia heights - m4w map

99 Re. I like your post - m4w 99 (No I don't)

24 I am Sorry Jessi - m4w 24 (Downtown Minneapolis)

Brief Encounter on the airplane - m4w map

Mackenzie, you are so beautiful!!! - m4w (Mpls) map

Flight from Phoenix - m4w (Phx --> Msp) map

Leap year - m4w map

For Sara Keller - m4w (A Galaxy) map

Gym - m4w map

Heidi from Brooklyn Park - m4w (Brooklyn Park) map

Blonde in the Black Camaro - m4w (Bloomington) pic map

49 Sam's on Dunkirk - m4w 49 (Maple Grove) map

33 I saw you but I don't know if you noticed me - m4w 33 (Bloomington, Cowboy Jacks) map

Marci, last seen in Greenfield - m4w

You ass hole! - m4w

I want to stroke it for you again - m4w (You choose!)

Sexy Whole Fiods Cashier - m4w (Maple Grove)

Brooklyn Park Babe - m4w (Brooklyn Park)

You loved me, or parts of me ;) - m4w

Flight from Phoenix - m4w (Phx --> Msp) map

Delta flight last Saturday - m4w map

32 I was your Moodle. You were my Queen - m4w 32 (Twin Cities)

98 I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU !!!! - m4w 98 (Dream land)

25 My puma - m4w 25 (Minnetonka) map

Silver Sevens - hinckley - m4w (Grand Casino) map

Minnehaha Falls Karen - m4w (Minnehaha Falls) map

Sex in all 494 hotels - m4w (Twin Cities) map

Hopeless - m4w (Minneapolis)

Nic OLD - m4w map

I'm thinking about you. - m4w

Looking for Emma - m4w map

HWY 36 1 P.M. BLACK CRUZE - m4w (right next to you)

30 US Pond Hockey Championships- Maverick - m4w 30 (Lake Nakomis) map

I have a request for you. - m4w

Hopeless in Punta Cana - m4w (Minneapolis) map

A little awkward - m4w map

BINGO!!!! Village pub - m4w (mpls) map

Miss you Blue! - m4w (Blaine)

Work in same building -rode up the elevator this a.m. - m4w (3600)

You complimented me on my singing "Suture up my Future" - m4w (Green line east bank station) map

Asian massage therapist - m4w (metro) map

McDonald's manager saint Louis Park - m4w (Near the high-school) map

Swim Meet - m4w (Richfield) map

S I am still in love with you - m4w

Arby's uptown - m4w map

Advice to get money. - m4w

Katie Bear :( - m4w (Edina) map

Red Wing Boot Shop employee - m4w (Red Wing) pic map

Crybaby tweakers - m4w

your my wife's friend - m4w (minneapolis)

49 Dearest S. - m4w 49

not offensive - m4w

Brooklyn Center Walmart last night - m4w (Walmart) map

We had the worst luck - m4w map

It is ok. - m4w

Uniforms Unltd. - m4w (Minneapolis)

Aldi Maple Grove - m4w (Maple Grove) map

32 Re Oakdale - m4w 32 (West St Paul) map

32 Oakdale - m4w 32 (St Paul) map

Story time - m4w (Minneapolis)

51 Rush 2112.... - m4w 51 (sw minneapolis) map

Interesting lady on #6 - m4w

MGM Liquor store, Hopkins - m4w (Hopkins) map

Lifetime Fitness Maple Grove - m4w

26 Levi's MOA - m4w 26 (MOA) map

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