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why don"t you run map

Check it out

Voter ID Myth Crashes (Mona Charon)

I hate when this happens (1 week from now) pic

RE How Many Liberals does it take to change a light bulb map

Trash Talking Morons map

Most open Administration (Can't make this stuff UP!) map

RE Republicans Challenge (Got to Laugh) map

Zeitgeist Movement - St. Paul pic map

RE: Mcfadden pic

The first thing map

Quote of the day

A real Obination (Fantastic)

Intolerance 101 (New York Post)


Some things to remember when you vote in 2 weeks pic

The Obama deniers - WSJ (Voted with him 95% or more)

TV News Blacks Out This Year's Bad Election News for Democrats (shocking!!!)

How many Republicans

ReAren't these fact (Got To Laugh) map

YOU DECIDE!! - - IS Stewart Mills really Crispin Glover?? (Minnesota) pic

Free Speech map

Right wing taliban map

RE; Republican challenge (Got to laugh) map

Republican challenge

Republican Political Ad's (Must really think people are STUPID)

Republican Political Ad's (Must really think people are STUPID)

U.S. terrorist government (farmington) map

John Mayer ?? Too Funny?? (I Remember Him)

Incontinence 101 AKA Diarrhea of the (Face Sphincter Or TeaHole)

Free? Speech (George Will nails it)

RE: Trash talking liberals map

Liberal bias map

Obama Liberal map

Hillary Clinton to deliver Vegas speech for $225G fee (Poor broke Hillary) pic

Liberal is either stupid (or Lying) map

Hey Benghazi Bob

How many light bulbs... map

TEABabbling TEAtards Are Responsible For The (TEAmenita & TEAtardafacation of GOP) pic

Nugent should be in jail map

Re: Just how dumb are brainwashed liberals (LOL STUPIDVILLE) (The Land of TEA & DUMBSHITS) pic

McFadden and franken. I told you (mn)

ISIS, Ebola -- Americans Can Handle the Truth (Cal Thomas) pic

RE: Obama Polling map

Hey John Mayer (Seriously) (Ever look at ND) map

Lib admits Obama 'REALLY CRAPPY PRESIDENT or a liar. map


It was a blast

NO WAY AROUND IT: Jihad's Common Core is Islam

Rehoming adult Jack Dempsey Cichlid (South Saint Paul)

Just The Worst

re; You probably didn't hear map

A Cracked Mirror


Mirror-Mirror On The Wall

The Last Time A Republican Won (America Got Stupider) pic

Presidential Quiz for republicans who have memory Loss (& Confuse Fact's With Faox) pic

Re,RE: damn relity (what an idiot) (The Title Says it All)

re: re: Debt and Deficits (Tax like a liberal. ) map

re: Debt and Deficits (Spend Like an Obama) map

Debt vs Deficit for Dummy's & TEABAGGERS (Wrong on SO many levels) map

Re:Benghazi - .0000002% temperature increase . (lIAR LIAR LIAR) (.0000002% ? What could go WRONG??)

What a man!!!!! (FUBO andNOBO!!!) pic

Two Americas

re: Like Debt? (Vote Democrat) (So explain this)


Want to see Deficits Shrink (Elect Republicans to Congress) map

Like Debt? (Vote Democrat) map

Like Deficits? (Vote Democrat) map

Got it right??? pic

RE; WOW map

RE Got to wonder

RE Deficits (Spend Like an Obama) map

Got to wonder...... map

Contentions Media Bias and the Benghazi Scandal (nothing here) pic

RE: RE Benghazi Hypocrisy (WHERE) map

Where is Obama (He is willing to Denounce everyone) map

RE Benghazi Hypocrisy (Got to laugh) map

Bush ended the Recession according to HMMMM map

Debt (Spend like an Obama) map

All the biggest deficits increases (Spend Like an Obama) map

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