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RE: Landslide?? Yes, in a massive way pic

Republicans rejoyce................... (Cuba)

The taliban kills 130 children in Pakistan map

Children feel the Love of Liberals everyday! (uptown minneapolis) pic

Our President Obama's Legacy (T Hall ) pic

Obama Phone's used to Organizing RIOTS (Not-See) pic

Ferguson Cartoon For LEFTIST (MonoJack) pic

Dreams of Obama's Mother (Benton) pic

What the Racist JEW MEDIA does not want you to See (Race WAR Fuck Jews) pic

RE: State of Mind (Cgr ) pic

Love Your WHITE RACE! (mpls) pic

Black Female Sargent ordered Arrest of ERIC GARNER (Jew News tell you Zero) pic

Anti-White Jew/ Leader of White Privilege Billboards Killed! (Their Is a God ) pic

I have been told of them (Revelations 12.7 ) pic

JEWS Did 911 (Rence dot com) pic

Your Police are being Trained in Israel (Mossad) pic

Diversity = Anti White / White Men have no Balls to Fight! (Nw) pic

AMERICA is GONE! (North) pic

All I see on here is Political Masturbation (Mn) pic

Re: GOP - Gang of Pedophiles (Metro) pic

re: RE: RE: GOP staffer who criticized Obama's kids (Ignorance Aaaahhh)

Democrats have given America so much to be proud off! (Flush) pic

A Mothers Fear for the Good Son! (new hope) pic

Fear ISIS.. Media Educated SHEEP (lake ) pic


Look what you have become America! (D.O.A) pic

Sorry GOP Freak "JOHN MAYER" Child Molester (I see You) pic

re: Obama's True Views on Blacks (Got to Laugh) (Ignorance)

Reagan & Bush Molested Children! Both Parties are TRASH! (St Cloud ) pic

Twenty-six Things About the Islamic State (ISIL) that Obama Does Not W (Just Saying) pic

Dems love their SheBoon & Homo Pres (My Place) pic

RIGHT vs LEFT (U of M) pic

JEWISH Banker WARS (U of M) pic

Re-Re- Sick Person (U of M) pic

re: Re GOP staffer who criticized Obama's kid (Got to Laugh) (Get a life)

Re-Re Call 911 (inver grove heights) pic

Thanks Jews (MPLS) pic

Typical Brain-Washed Whites! pic

Who is this Nut Job? (Afton) pic

How the Jew Media gets Blacks to Hate Whites (mpls) pic

Re Re 911 (MPLS) pic

Happening only in White Countries! (Red Ice Creations dot com) pic

Who is really behind 911? Not for the Sheep (Red Ice Creations dot com) pic

Controlling your Perception of the World (Red Ice Creations dot com) pic

Media Agenda Exposed (Red Ice Creations dot com) pic

Don't Hate Sheep! (Red Ice Creations Dot Com) pic

What your Told & What you Get! (Mamis Shit) pic

Wh is Really in Control? (Mamis SHIT) pic

Hidden JEWISH TAX to buy YOUR Politicans (Mamis Shit) pic

Talmudic Thinking about the Goy (Mamis SHIT) pic

Time For Americans to do the same (Mamis Shit) pic

Democrats hate jobs and unions (good thing we voted them out) pic

How Three Veterans Uncovered the Iraq War's Biggest Untold Story (5000 WMD found - Bush RIGHT)

What is the purpose?

Uh-oh. Look whose health plan got canceled

It's How They Wrote the Law

Republican party at 54% approval in Senate (65% in house)

GW Bush didn't lie about WMD! (Yep you read it here)

Obama is the smartest man that ever lived

Oh Johnny -- don't you have a job? (18+ emails today)

Johnny Mayer 10 emails - 5000+ words (and finally one snippet of truth)

Oh Johhny Mayer, such long email... (so little use of you brain)

John Mayer you ol nutjob (missed you)

re: Democrats have supported the death ... since 1972 (Hmmm, who was President in 72?)

re: Conservatives swept! The people have spoken! Obama needs to ... (Yes, let's see how that goes)


Waves of Cold, Snow to Invade Midwest and East Into Next Week (more proof of global warming)

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