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posted thu sep 18

Sep 18 funny part shit dont stink

Sep 18 WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! map

Sep 18 Re: Notice the closer we get to the election (the funny part) pic

Sep 18 The real war on women. Impeached Disbarred Rapist Bill Clinton (Accused of assaulting over 20 women)

Sep 18 Notice the closer we get to the election, the crazier the con gets?

Sep 18 Not only is mark Dayton an alcoholic, so is New York Jew (Al Franken's wife, he's a coke snorter)

Sep 18 Lying democrat scum double national debt in only 6 years (Screw the next generation with debt)

Sep 18 Latinos played as fools. Immigration reform off the table.....AGAIN (Democrats lied for 6 full years)

Sep 18 Socialist pig Debbie Wasserman Shultz to be blamed for midterm loss (Nope! Democrat lies, scandals, and debt)

Sep 18 Alcoholic Mark Dayton is drunk off his ass right now (High on pills)

Sep 18 The Jew from New York Al Franken (The Obama puppet )

Sep 18 "Income Equality" for others, not Union (Union Boss Millionaires)

Sep 18 RE Got to wonder

Sep 18 Galt Pledge

Sep 18 RE Deficits (Spend Like an Obama) map

Sep 18 Got to wonder...... map

Sep 18 LIES, LIES, LIES map

Sep 18 Socialist pig Hillary lied, US ambassadors died. The Benghazi disgrace (Lies, cover ups, and scandals)

Sep 18 Democrat policies start two new wars. Lies , wars, debt (The Obama legacy)

Sep 18 According to Dayton's ex-wife. Mark Dayton is a raging Alcoholic (Mentally unstable pill popper & suicidal)

Sep 18 Democrats play all Latinos as fools. 6 years of immigration reform (Now off the table. Democrats are liars)

Sep 18 Obama Liberal map

Sep 18 RE: Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi pic map

Sep 18 Jew from NYC for Minnesota senator! (Al Obama Puppet Franken)

posted wed sep 17

Sep 17 Yet another Obamacare broken promise (Can't believe he lied) pic

Sep 17 Justice Dept. official offers conditional leak of IRS documents (to House GOP staffers!!!)

Sep 17 Contentions Media Bias and the Benghazi Scandal (nothing here) pic

Sep 17 Benghazi coverup (Obama Administration) pic

Sep 17 RE: RE Benghazi Hypocrisy (WHERE) map

Sep 17 Benghazi Benghazi pic

Sep 17 Beware of CL Jew Hater...I don't think he's too fond of Blacks either (Hate-Lies-Fear-Greed = GOP) pic

Sep 17 Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi pic

Sep 17 Righties think Americans are Stupid and believe the Lies they spew (Why can't GOP tell the truth?) pic

Sep 17 Hmm...Bush kept Wars VA Wall Street Bailout US Depression off Books (GOP is a Stupid that can't be fixed)


Sep 17 Benghazi pic

Sep 17 NYC Jew Al Franken (Obama's little puppet)

Sep 17 RE: Benghazi Hypocrisy (Where??) pic

Sep 17 re: Bush ended the Recession according to HMMMM (Hmmmmm not really)

Sep 17 Where is Obama (He is willing to Denounce everyone) map

Sep 17 Suicidal alcoholic mark Dayton buys billionaire buddy a new stadium (With our tax $$$$. Fuck the poor)

Sep 17 Corruption, lies and cover ups. Debt, wars and poverty (Impeach Obama, repeal ofailurecare)

Sep 17 RE Benghazi Hypocrisy (Got to laugh) map

Sep 17 Al Franken is a Big Fat Clown (USA) pic

Sep 17 Al Franken is a Big Fat Clown (USA) pic

Sep 17 Benghazi Hypocrisy

posted tue sep 16

Sep 16 Dayton worries about Peterson (What a loser!!!)

Sep 16 YOU DECIDE!! - - IS Stewart Mills really Crispin Glover?? (Minnesota) pic

Sep 16 Bush ended the Recession according to HMMMM map

Sep 16 re: RE: Deficits - Just the numbers (nice try, but FAIL) (Of course)

Sep 16 The Truth about President Obama's Skyrocketing Spending (truth hurts, again) pic

Sep 16 Bush's 2009 budget spending (Obama signed the budget!!!) pic

Sep 16 Debt (Spend like an Obama) map

Sep 16 RE: Deficits - Just the numbers (nice try, but FAIL) (Brain dead demoncrats!!) pic

Sep 16 Deficits - Just the numbers

posted mon sep 15

Sep 15 Deficits (hmmmm)

Sep 15 All the biggest deficits increases (Spend Like an Obama) map

Sep 15 Koch Shill Goldman Sachs Banker McFadden is Bored (...After stashing Millions overseas)

Sep 15 Vote McFatten...Because the Ultra-Rich / Corporations Depend on Stupid (GOP Dumbassville) pic

Sep 15 Re: Franken

Sep 15 Franken

Sep 15 I'll Keep Mine Thanks map

posted sun sep 14

Sep 14 Contests

Sep 14 REHmm...Bush kept Wars VA Wall Street Bailout US Depression off Books (Truth is an inconvenience to GOP) pic

Sep 14 __Whether it's Craigslist or Voter Suppression-GOP HATE TRUTH__ (GOP Hypocrites Suppress Truth)

Sep 14 Mc Fadden

Sep 14 Franken Bored after spending 8 Trillion (Spend like a Franken)

Sep 14 Riche wing (St. Paul) pic map



posted sat sep 13

Sep 13 Pay attention democrats!!

Sep 13 RE: re: RE: All the biggest deficits increases (Really Confused) pic

Sep 13 Best news for the country in 6 years pic

posted fri sep 12

Sep 12 Re: Tolerance (a test Christians would fail as well) pic

Sep 12 Tolerance (a test)

posted thu sep 11

Sep 11 REPUBLICAN PARTY IS THE ......NEW CHRISTIAN TALIBAN..............TRUTH ( Righties Rage and Hate is Killing America)

Sep 11 Mitt Romney Lite map


Sep 11 "" YES WE CAN ""__ " YES WE DID " (_____LOSTINSPACE) pic map

Sep 11 re The conservative brain map

Sep 11 re: RE: All the biggest deficits increases (Confused as usual)

Sep 11 The liberal brain

Sep 11 McFadden

posted wed sep 10

Sep 10 It's kinda funny watching Foxsnooze "play" these clowns for ratings (Spin-ghazi) pic

Sep 10 The terrorists are the people in Government (Farmington) pic map

Sep 10 RE: All the biggest deficits increases pic

Sep 10 Hmmm...

Sep 10 They cry about Obama not having a strategy for ISIS (why would he listen to the cons) pic

Sep 10 Re: Franken's accomplishments (Google it lazy troll) pic

Sep 10 re:Franken's Accomplishments (Seen Much) (God forbid you go research)

Sep 10 re: All the biggest scandals (You missed a few) (OK this is good)

Sep 10 The Conservative Brain

Sep 10 Franken's Accomplishments (Seen Much)

Sep 10 Nothing to see here (the open white house)

Sep 10 All the biggest scandals (You missed a few)

posted tue sep 9

Sep 9 All the biggest deficits increases

Sep 9 YOU Absolutely Have To Read This (Hmmmmm)

Sep 9 re:You can't make this stuff up (Got to laugh) (Oh and I forgot the best part)

Sep 9 Read the bill?? No, just elect democrats

posted mon sep 8

Sep 8 Star Trek

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